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Apr 6, 2010 06:00 AM

Let me eat cake....

Just got 'dumped' by a cakemaker (Christina DeFeo - Click on Cakes - great cakes, no ability to honor commitments) as she has run into a "work conflict" in her full time job. We had a commitment for her to provide a custom cake for my wife's big milestone birthday cake for Friday, April 16th - for eighty, ganache, fondant, sugar pastiche flowers, would have been lovely... Now I am 10 days before the event and looking for referrals. The evening gig on 4/16 is in Monmouth County at a venue in Atlantic Highlands. If anyone has a reliable, professional and exceptional baker they can refer me to for this event, I will be forever thankful!

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  1. Hmmm, ten days...before the graduation/holiday time...have you tried The Flaky Tart in AH? Or the bakery up the hill in Highlands?

    Flaky Tart
    145 1st Ave, Atlantic Highlands, NJ

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      Thanks... stopping by both places this morning... Will let all know how it shakes out. Please keep those ideas coming!

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        Pink Cake Box of Denville will deliver to south Jersey. The pastry chef is a graduate of the French Culinary Institute, was a participant in the Food Network's Blind Date Cake challenge, and was a winner on the TLC Ultimate Cake Off contest.

        Pink Cake Box
        18 East Main Street, Denville, NJ

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          Thanks! All helpful. Time for a roadtrip!

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            If the guest of honor likes coconut..Flaky Tart's is sublime. For a more refined cake you might try Piece o'cake in Shrewsbury. My favorite one there is the dark chocolate cake with raspberry filling and a white chocolate ganache covered in the thinnest fondant Ive ever had.

        2. macaroon shop in Avon, ye olde pie shoppe in little silver, wegman's,

          1. Hey, everyone.... Kenny at the Waterwitch in Highlands NJ made a fantastic, delicious cake for 80 and deserves a bunch of biz - I asked for alot - poured ganache icing, white chocolate disc with sugar pastiche calla lillies in the shape of the birthday girl's name - no prob. Raspberries in the middle - jist enough - perfectly done. Reasonable, too. Most said it was the tastiest cake they'd ever had.

            1. I recommend Francesca's Cakery in Englishtown. Francesca is a wonderfully talented cake artist. She created our red velvet Celtic themed wedding cake, and it was phenomenal. She is a very gifted artist and her creations are beautiful.