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Apr 6, 2010 05:58 AM

lunch in wallingford

Any suggestions? I'm not familiar with the area at all. Something mid-range (i.e. not fast food but not too fancy) would be preferable. Open to all cuisines. Thanks!

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  1. I'd suggest Archie Moore's.....good burgers, great wings. Also across the street is Half Moon Cafe which has good salads, wraps, paninis and a huge selection of tea and coffee. If you're in the mood for Mexican, Los Mariachis or Taquiera Mexico, both on Rt. 5, are excellent choices.


    Los Mariachis
    105 N Colony St, Wallingford, CT 06492

    1. (Wallingford is a big Italian area.)

      Fratelli's - (always excellent
      )Laskara for mediterranean -
      Ludal's in North Haven for Italian -

      Laskara Restaurant
      295 Parker Farms Rd, Wallingford, CT 06492

      1. Oh, I forgot about Westbrook Lobster, but I cannot personally vouch for that spot as I haven't been to that location, only the one in Westbrook.

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          Westbrook Lobster is OK...nothing spectacular but not bad either. I used to work in Wallingford and we'd eat there once in a while. Honestly, I find Wallingford to be lacking in decent restaurants. Archie Moore's is a good suggestion for wings and sandwiches. If you want something very casual, Cafe Ra always had good wraps, salad bar, etc. It is a take-out or eat in place but has no table service (you stand and order then they call your name).

        2. We moved out of Wallingford several years ago, but I remember Michael's Trattoria

          as being a nice lunch and dinner place near "downtown".

          Michael's Trattoria
          344 Center St, Wallingford, CT 06492

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              Third, Michaels's....Geeze, someone told me it closed

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                That's good to know about Michaels. When I was posting the Fratelli's link the other day, I saw Michaels, but thought the menu sounded kind of boring and couldn't personally vouch for it--seemed like your basic Italian stuff. But if they do it great, then it must be good since so many agree.

              2. I second Taquiera Mexico, one of our favorite lunch spots.