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lunch in wallingford

Any suggestions? I'm not familiar with the area at all. Something mid-range (i.e. not fast food but not too fancy) would be preferable. Open to all cuisines. Thanks!

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  1. I'd suggest Archie Moore's.....good burgers, great wings. Also across the street is Half Moon Cafe which has good salads, wraps, paninis and a huge selection of tea and coffee. If you're in the mood for Mexican, Los Mariachis or Taquiera Mexico, both on Rt. 5, are excellent choices.


    Los Mariachis
    105 N Colony St, Wallingford, CT 06492

    1. (Wallingford is a big Italian area.)

      Fratelli's - www.fratellipizzarustica.com (always excellent
      )Laskara for mediterranean - www.laskara.net
      Ludal's in North Haven for Italian - www.ludalct.com

      Laskara Restaurant
      295 Parker Farms Rd, Wallingford, CT 06492

      1. Oh, I forgot about Westbrook Lobster, but I cannot personally vouch for that spot as I haven't been to that location, only the one in Westbrook.

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          Westbrook Lobster is OK...nothing spectacular but not bad either. I used to work in Wallingford and we'd eat there once in a while. Honestly, I find Wallingford to be lacking in decent restaurants. Archie Moore's is a good suggestion for wings and sandwiches. If you want something very casual, Cafe Ra always had good wraps, salad bar, etc. It is a take-out or eat in place but has no table service (you stand and order then they call your name).

        2. We moved out of Wallingford several years ago, but I remember Michael's Trattoria
          as being a nice lunch and dinner place near "downtown".

          Michael's Trattoria
          344 Center St, Wallingford, CT 06492

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              Third, Michaels's....Geeze, someone told me it closed

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                That's good to know about Michaels. When I was posting the Fratelli's link the other day, I saw Michaels, but thought the menu sounded kind of boring and couldn't personally vouch for it--seemed like your basic Italian stuff. But if they do it great, then it must be good since so many agree.

              2. I second Taquiera Mexico, one of our favorite lunch spots.

                1. Don't rule out Vinny's Deli on Center St. It's not really a sit-in place but their sandwiches are fantastic. They have 50+ original sandwiches on their board and all are put on a great roll (which makes the sandwich really). They also roast all their meats on premises.

                  Vinny's Deli
                  567 Center St, Wallingford, CT 06492

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                    As mentioned before Fratelli's and Laskara are both awesome restaurants, never had bad meals at either. Also don't forget about Napolis they have great italian food also. Yes Archies does have great burgers and onion rings.

                    Laskara Restaurant
                    295 Parker Farms Rd, Wallingford, CT 06492