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Apr 6, 2010 05:08 AM

make and freeze dinner?

My sister is having twins tomorrow and I'd like to bring over some food so they have one less thing to worry about. I'd like to do something frozen, since we're not sure when they'll be home but everything I've found online is, well, something I wouldn't want to eat.
Any ideas?

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    1. Lasagne. Parmesan (eggplant/chicken/veal). Baked ziti. Pot pies. Enchiladas. Soup.

      1. I like shepherd's pie - it reheats well. Pasta sauces with meat in them are a good option two - I don't like to pre-cook the pasta but it's easy to take sauce from the freezer and heat while the pasta cooks. Stews and chilis are also good options...

        Great post - I am having my first child in July so I plan to stock my freezer before then. I look forward to others' ideas!


        1. Stews freeze and reheat well. I like the mahogany stew on epicurious.

          Or big baked potatoes stuffed with a meat and vegetable mixture. Reheated they can be a complete meal.

          1. Would like to help but you haven't been specific on what foods you like to eat, or what's wrong with the usual suspects - please expand and we will try to help.