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Apr 6, 2010 03:30 AM


When does this show up at restaurants?

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  1. The wild caught Alaskan halibut season has been open since March 6. The supplies have been a little inconsistent but there are at lease two suppliers who airfreight fish and either one or the other has had it since opening day. But they have not had it every day. A challenging start to the season.

    Washington State product has been even more sparse and the supply is not as well regulated.

    On the other hand, quality is incredible.

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      thanks!!!...where do YOU go for fresh, high quality fish?

      1. re: namret

        If you're cooking yourself, I was able to get some really nice halibut last weekend at Whole Foods. It had a nice white color, not dull. No fishy smell. (It's always key to ask them if you can smell the fish. I've made the mistake of being shy about it too many times.) Attached is what I made with it and it came out great!

    2. Clyde's restaurants have an Alaskan Halibut special this month. It was very good in past years. Otherwise, should you want to cook it yourself, I've seen it at Wegman's.

      1. We spent a month in Alaska last June. We paid the same for Halibut there as we do here. The local fishermen don't make much profit off their catch. Most of the catch goes to larger middlemen marketers.