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Apr 6, 2010 12:41 AM

Parmigiano Reggiano in OC

I usually get my parmigiano reggiano from Trader Joe's, but I'm wondering if there are any better options to buy it in OC?

Anybody tried Claro's? I've heard much about Frog's Breath, but would there be any difference buying it from them vs. somebody like Claro's?

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  1. Really, they sell the real stuff at Trader's? I got mine recently at Whole Foods, $20/lb.

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      I have bougth the real deal at TJ's many times. Last time I was at Claro's in La Habra the deli lady said their current shippment of Parmigiano Reggiano wasn't that good. I instead bought the Pecorino Romano she recommended that was on sale. That was about a month ago.

      Pecorino Restaurant
      11604 San Vicente Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90049

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          Geez, I just looked at the label on the Parmigiano Reggiano I bought at Whole Foods. It's actually $32.99/lb not $20.

        2. Sprouts market has it on sale starting tomorrow for 12.99.

          1. Claro's in Tustin was one of the only places I found that sells Locatelli Romano cheese. A few years ago, to save on time and cash, I tried Trader Joe's Romano...and found it was the closest thing to Locatelli I have ever tasted, anywhere.

            So, you might be just fine with TJ's Parmagiano Reggiano, but I know that Claro's is also an excellent choice for cheese if you want to see if you could crank it up a notch. Claro's would be worth a trip just because you could scoop up some other goodies along with your aged, grass-fed cow's milk.

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              Frog's Breath is an excellent cheese shop IMO, but you can get the PR cheaper elsewhere, I'm sure.

              Claro's would be a very good choice IMO, I've gotten mine there before and it was all it's supposed to be.

            2. Claro's Reggiano is often in good condition and worth buying. Also Whole Foods.

              Both occasionally have condition issues, and either'll cost more per # than TJ's, of course.

              (I agree with JB on the Pecorino Romano -- the one that TJ carries is remarkably good, esp. @ its bargain price.)

              1. Besides Claro's in Tustin and La Habra, there's Whole Foods in Tustin, Laguna Beach and eventually in Huntington Beach, there's Cortina's in Anaheim...