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Apr 5, 2010 11:05 PM

Hotcakes Bakes in Culver City/Mar Vista: Tres leches, horchata and chili mango all in one cupcake!

Hotcakes Bakes on Centinela in the Culver City/Mar Vista area has a pretty unique cupcake. Pardon me if I'm being redundant for those who watch Food Network, but according to the small accompanying sign, these cupcakes won some contest on FN. I don't have cable and I personally don't know if this adds any merit to the cupcake itself, but it is really unique and quite tasty.

The cake portion is based on the popular tres leches cake where it is moist, flavorful and slightly spongy, and has a tres leches-like filling piped in the middle. This is topped with a horchata frosting, then garnished with fresh slices of mango that have been adorned with chili powder. It really is the little package that sums up some yummy sweets found in Mexican cuisine and beyond.

I know one major complaint often levied against cupcakes is that they are dry. This puppy is in no way even close to dry. I mentioned earlier that the cake portion is moist. This is enhanced by the tres leches filling. The horchata frosting is light in weight and has a nice cinnamon note to it, adding more flavor, moisture and dimension to the cupcake. While the chili-mango garnish is a nice visual, I didn't pick up much on the chili but the mango itself was fresh.

Some feel cupcakes jumped the shark long ago, but this one is worth trying.

Hotcakes Bakes
4119 S Centinela Ave, Los Angeles, CA

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  1. Oh my god, that sounds amazing. Definitely gonna have to try that. I'm a sucker for anything horchata or tres leches. The mango topping makes me think of buying fruit from a stand where they dump some chili powder into the plastic bag.

    1. yeah, i was so tired of cupcakes until i had this.
      i back it so hard.
      also, their macarons are the macaron equivalent of crumbs cupcakes: huge, relatively cheap, not super great, but way over the top.

      1. I always send my vendors here to get cupcakes... I also like their Whoopie pies. :)


        1. Someone just sent me this link. This sounds like the most disgusting cupcake ever. I'm not a fan of tres leches and the thought of Horchata--which always tastes chalky as a frosting is even grosser. And don't let me get started with the chili on top.

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          1. re: madkitchenscientist

            :) Different strokes for different folks. :) I'm not a fan of colonoscopies, the thought of Alaska's former governor "speaking" anywhere - smells like desperation for such fans and the thought of her seriously running for Prez makes me want to puke. And don't get me started on 2001-2008. :) And the chili is powdered - sprinkled on to mango slices for garnish. This cupcake's a fun and well-executed package, but was it P.T. Barnum who said it? You can please all of the peeps some of the time... :)

          2. I'm Mexican and I can't even think of having a chili topped Tres Leches cupcake. Yes, we like chili in almost everything, but a milky cake is definitely not one of them. While the horchata frosting sounds good, I don't know if I'd try this.