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Apr 5, 2010 09:06 PM

I have my pick of 2 Le Creuset items, and cost isn't a factor-what should i get?

Let's just say I have an 'insider' helping me out, so i'm getting any 3 items FOR FREE (nothing illegal i assure you!)

Right now i have a 5 qt round, a 8 quart oval oven, and a 5 qt braiser.

I definately will pick the 14 inch cast iron au gratin.

For the second, i'm thinking about the wok, or a a sauce-pot. BUT i'm tempted to get the 'goose pot'! I mean, i probably wouldn't use it but twice a year-to me, it's lke getting a vintage Jag that you only take out for a spin twice a year.

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  1. Why not get a roaster and the goose pot?

    I love your take on the goose pot, but the roaster might be a bit more practical?

    Never know, once you get that g.p. sucker, you might find all sorts of uses for it. Hell, just display it prominently!

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      The gratin pan is fantastic - I have the two smaller ones that LC no longer produce and I use them ALL the times. They are wonderful for making gratins and you could substitute the large one for a roasting pan too without buying the large roaster. However I have the large roaster too and use it all the time for many things.

    2. How often will you use a 14" au gratin though? You don't need cast iron to roast in and Cooks Illustrated said it didn't even make a good gratin pan as it took too long to heat and by then the top was already browned. You can also make a gratin in the bottom of your 5 qt. braiser.

      If you are getting three, I would take the 6.75 qt. low wide, the 6.75 qt. oval (same capacity but much different shapes), and either the 3.5 qt.braiser, or the 3.5 qt. wide round as you have no smaller sizes. If you feel the 6.75 low wide is too similar to your 5 qt. braiser I would get the 7.25 round instead.

      No need for a LC saucepan, and I don't know how often you would use the wok. The ones I suggest will be workhorses in your kitchen.

      1. I've never seen a Le Creuset wok, and if it's made of enameled cast iron like the rest of their line I'd say stay away from it. You want a wok to be able to heat up quickly at the bottom and stay cooler further up the sides. Cast iron is the opposite of that - it modulates and distributes the heat evenly and is very slow to cool down. Great for searing and then slow cooking but I can't imagine why you'd want a wok to do that.

        1. I second the suggestion of a 3.5 qt braiser (bottom of which can be used as an au gratin), and a 3.5 qt wide round dutch oven. They are my two "go to" pieces right now. The 6.75 qt wide round do is an alternate if you think the 3.5 qt would be too small for you. Then, for your third piece, I would get the goose pot - it's a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get such a deal, so why not go for it!?!?!?

          1. Probably, one for smaller and shallower tpye. One for the all-round palyer like 7.25 qt round which can be a good gift for friends or family, too. Or one for something you never think about buying it by your self? Instead of the gratin, 3.5 qt wide oval (WS exclusive) can be a candidate if it is included for your choice. I think it can handle a gratin, too. Or is it too deep? My mom is quite happy with it.