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Apr 5, 2010 07:55 PM

5 days in Vancouver....where to eat???

I am visiting Vancouver from Ontario April 21st-25th for the Playhouse Wine Festival and staying at a friends condo in Kitsalano (sp?) I am looking for recommendations on places to eat from pubs, nice foodie-esque dinners, and simple lunches, even a nice market to pick up some food to make food in the condo.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, it is my first time visiting and I am truly excited to take it all in!!

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  1. (The Playhouse Winefest? You might see a few of this board's regulars and not even know it!)

    I'll just toss out a few places:

    In Kits and surroundings:

    Maenam (Thai)
    Go Fish
    Granville Island Market
    Vij's (and Rangoli)

    Chambar (which is one of the venues, I believe) again if you want to home in with particulars.

    Vij's Restaurant
    1480 11th Ave W, Vancouver, BC V6H1L1, CA

    Chambar Restaurant
    562 Beatty Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2L3, CA

    Fuel Restaurant
    1944 West 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1M5, CA

    Go Fish Ocean Emporium
    1505 W 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J, CA

    1938 W. 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1M5, CA

    Granville Island
    1689 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC V6H3R9, CA

    1. Also in the Kits neighbourhood, there is Bishop for fine dining and Bistro Bistrot for casual French.

      1. agree with fmed suggestions and add..

        Granville Island would be a great place to shop. Great sausages, dry-aged steaks, seafood, bread, etc etc...

        maybe octopus garden omakasse

        drinks at watermark to enjoy the sunset. eat before or after..

        breakafast at sunshine or on yew st. there a few options

        maybe if it is nice get a picnic lunch , french patisserie and wine from Granville island.
        could grab a aqua-ferry ferry from Granville island

        1. There is a new patisserie called Baguette and Co on Broadway that looks promising (I had a selection of mini pastries from there and the choux is quite good). In other carby options, check out the waffles at Patisserie LeBeau (2nd just west of Burrard) in their recently redesigned space. Just next door is one of the best selections of cheese in town at Les Amis. Oooh, and hopefully the Benkei Ramen on West Broadway will be open by the time you arrive!

          1. If the weather is perfect hop on a False Creek Ferry and head over to Monk McQueens (they'll know). Sit out on the balcony, the experience is almost as good as the food. You can eat inside if the weather isn't the best but I prefer Bridges on Granville island.

            Monk McQueens
            601 Stamps Landing,, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3Z1, CA