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Diners, Drive-ins and Dives in Edmonton

Is there such a place, food network worthy, in Edmonton?

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  1. As someone who enjoys the ridiculousness that is Triple D, I felt a tinge of excitement after reading your title. Now that I've calmed down, I wonder if you can narrow down what experience you are looking for. Guy Fieri has visited everything form road side establishments to 'fine dining' diners. As well, shows have followed various themes (burgers, ethnic, seafood, view requests) so it's pretty much an open season on the show.

    With that said, I think any city could potentially have a list of places Guy might visit. From Dadeo's to Barb & Ernie's (for example), we have a few places (I think ) that have the appropriate kitsch and style. From my understanding, the show has created both good and bad reputations as many restaurants can't keep up the 'homey' feel after their customer base is increased ten fold.

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      When I spied the original title, "Barb and Ernie's" sprung to mind as well.

      Mind you, I was never a big fan but it was a place to go for my rugby playing friends for a carbo loaded "brekkie" after too much beer the night before.

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        Well I was thinking of those family places where I could get home-feel meal with the kids. A place that they would remember both for the food and the style. Just a feel good place. :) any suggestions?

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          I like Urban Diner....

          Urban Diner
          12427 102 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5N, CA

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            Uncle Ed's, Sugarbowl, and The Next Act (although I think it is 18 plus at certain times).

            I would have previously suggested Blue Plate Diner, but I think their dinner menu has really gone downhill.

        2. How about the Motoraunt? I've never been there before but I've read some interesting stuff on it. It looks a little sketchy but I assume it would be quite an experience.

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            Motoraunt tests your patience and your faith in the cleanliniess, but damn good burgers.

            I would suggest the hotel in Bruce Alberta for the steaks.

          2. I think of Barb and Ernie's, Blue Plate Diner, and Dadeo's.

            Also Savoy Health Cafe fits the Dives description and offers great Sambal and Dosas.

            Blue Plate Diner
            10145 - 104 Street, Edmonton, AB T5J 0Z9, CA

            1. First place I thought of was Dadeo's as well. I'd add the Blue Chair too, and maybe the Hat on Jasper.

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                Dadeo's not an option for me since it is a adult only place...

              2. I second Da De O's and would add Uncle Ed's (part of the Mundare Sausage Shop) on that list.

                1. Barb & Ernies is one of the worst restaurants I have ever eaten in. I walked out the second and last time I was there. That place has not food worthy of anything. Every single aspect of the food I was served was wrong. Never would I want that garbage dump to represent Edmonton.

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                    Magnapro, I totally agree. And the proprietors are very defensive. My last visit many, many years ago was when they served chicken kiev made with processed gelatinous chicken "sandwich-type" meat. That's just not right, plus it tasted awful. There are much better and worthier places in Edmonton.

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                      I agree. I don't enjoy that place at all and am shocked that people will still line up weekend after weekend to eat there.

                    2. I heard that Route 99 was pretty good. Anyone tried yet?

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                        great burgers and shakes. The diner theme is well done too

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                          I know people who love the onion rings there - the battered crispy kind, not the A&W style. And the rice pudding is homemade style - nothing fancy but tasty.

                        2. I think of the Commodore on Jasper Ave. Cheap, greasy spoon, diner type of spot. I find it charming. You can have campbell soup and jello too. Massive milkshakes. Also, they have a small Western-styled Chinese menu. Oh and it is cash only, of course!

                          1. Hathaway, diner in Wellington is a great experience , the food and service are so good that there is usually a line .

                            1. I'd suggest a lesser known place called Swiss2Go, which is a European sandwich shop out near West Edmonton Mall. All delicious sammies, soups, and desserts made from scratch and with high quality ingredients. No cheap stuff in there. I could just see Guy eating an Italian Bride and having the oil run down his face. Just my two cents. www.swiss2go.ca