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Apr 5, 2010 07:47 PM

Suggestions for Rooftop Bar in Charleston, Sc?

We are heading to Charleston in a little over a week and would love some suggestions on the various rooftop bars. We were looking at, in particular, the Vendue Inn rooftop cocktail bar. How is it? Can you make reservation if you would like to eat at the rooftop as well?

Thank you!

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  1. Vendue is nice. I've never needed a reservation. The view is not as great as it used to be-somebody built condos between it and the harbor. The other one is the rooftop at Market Pavilion.

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    1. re: Sue in Mt P

      Does the Market Pavilion require reservations? I see that they do take them but they are $250 minimum??? ($125/person)

      1. re: fterie4u

        On the roof or in the restaurant? I have been up there just for a cocktail. I would never go anyplace that has a $250 minimum!

        1. re: Sue in Mt P

          We used to stay at the Ansonborough Inn which had a rooftop terrace overlooking the city and river. There was a hot tub and sitting area up there. We'd take a bottle of wine and just enjoy the view. I haven't been in 6 or 7 years so check their website. They may have developed it into something since then.

    2. No frills, no food, no blenders, but if you are going to be on Folly beach I would go to the rooftop bar on the 3rd floor of Snapper Jacks.Has an ocean view and you can enjoy the laid-back Folly lifestyle.Beach attire is fine.

      1. $250? No way.
        You don't need reservations at any of the places.
        Snapper Jack's (like ALL of Folly) is very laid back. No shoes or shirts required. But great.
        Vendue has 2 levels, try the upper deck if you want some privacy.
        The Pavilion Bar above Grill 225 at the corner of Market & East Bay is more refined I think.

        Don't forget Henry's on Market as well. A bit more relaxed.

        BUT! I certainly would NOT eat at any of them. They are totally for after hours cocktails.

        Grill 225
        225 E Bay St, Charleston, SC 29401

        Snapper Jacks
        10 Center St, Folly Beach, SC 29439

        1. The bar at the Market Pavillion is more upscale. With all the great resataurants in Charelston don't waste a meal there though. It is great for cocktails before dinner / sunset or after.

          1. FUEL (it's a Caribbean style cantina in an old gas station) doesn't have a rooftop bar but an awesome patio space in the back. It's more of a locals place with great tacos and sweet potato fries.

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