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Apr 5, 2010 07:24 PM

Good home-made sausages in Edmonton

Hi. Does anybody know a butcher where I could find good home-made sausages and variety (italian, merguez, cheddar, mapple...) in Edmonton. Thanks :)

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  1. There is going to be a few places, and hopefully everyone will chime in, but I have to seriously suggest Old Country Meat & Deli. There is a huge assortment of sausages, and Todd is really friendly.

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    1. Sunterra stocks Valbella meat products, whose sausages are of excellent quality. Unfortunately I assume that uncured (fresh) sausages will probably be frozen since they are made in Canmore.

      Sobey's Urban Fresh downtown has pretty good fresh sausages and a decent variety. If I want fresh sausages this is usually where I go.

      If I want specifically Italian sausage, I go to the Italian Centre.