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Apr 5, 2010 05:39 PM

Wineries that will ship?

I want to send a gift to someone and would love to have it come from a VA winery but an admittedly half baked search didn't yield any obvious candidates. I realize there are limitations of where wineries can ship from/to SO leaving that aside - does anyone have a 'go to' recommendation from Virginia or some other wine producing state? Thanks

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  1. Not Virginia, but St. Supery in Sonoma is great, and our go-to. You can get them in stores. Most lines cost around $20/bottle, but a few lower and more higher - I can't recall a bad one.

    Sonoma Restaurant
    223 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, Washington, DC 20003

    1. Most wineries will ship, if your state of destination permits. For Virginia wineries go to their websites and it's relatively self-explanatory. In Virginia, I always have liked Linden, and Barboursville,

      1. There are some states that don't allow wine to be shipped in. Maryland, for one. So check the state your friend lives in first!

        1. Chrysalis Winery, which is near Middleburg. I have gotten wine shipped to me from them before. All of their wine's are pretty decent, my fav is their Sarah's Patio Red, perfect for antipasta. Albarino's good too, but the Patio is the best deal.

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            thank you all for the tips. I'm going to go ahead and start Christmas shopping early, way early.....

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              It's the best way, but be sure to label or keep a list.

          2. I really like Flying Fox and Whitehall (their Grand Cuvee is very good, as well as the breakheart which is a good bargain) along with Barboursville. King Family has some decent wine too. And Jefferson vineyards has some great wines too and the bottles are oh so cool.