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Apr 5, 2010 05:03 PM

Help with a dinner in London!

Hi 'hounds. I am looking for a great, quirky, different dinner spot that isn't too expensive (maybe 15-20 pounds a head, not including drinks, service, etc). I am meeting some of my friends from America (I am American too but live in the UK) in London next month and want to book in advance, as it will be Saturday evening and I am sure difficult to find a table. So it would need to be somewhere that accepts reservations and is big enough to seat all of us. There will between 5-7 of us. I would like it in a location where there are decent bars or pubs (we aren't really night club type people) around (Maybe SoHo? Admittedly, my knowledge of London's hip spots is quite shabby). All cuisines welcome, but prefer something a little different to what they have at home (Indian? Thai? Though they probably would prefer British fare or some iteration of it). Any ideas? All suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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  1. Hello,

    Bar Shan or Bar Shu would easily tick all your boxes in Soho. As for Indian the Red Fort has reopened after a refurbishment, always gets the thumbs up from a restaurant reviewer I know...


    1. I've taken quite a few of my American friends (me Yank, too) and relatives to Ishbilia for a Lebanese meal. They always seem quite happy with the food, and the place is not enormous so the noise level isn't awful for communicating with the rest of the group. I've been there on other occasions with as many as 10 or 12, and it worked fine. You can do fine with your budget and lots of sharing of the menu. I'm not sure about pubs in the area... Maze has a lovely one and it's not that far away.

      1. I would recommend Maison Touareg for Moroccan food, Bob Bob Ricard (might be a bit pricey - but really cool place, have a look at a good review here: http://www.londonelicious.com/dining/... ) and La Trouvaille - a lovely French restaurant and wine bar off Carnaby Street.

        These are all in Soho, so there are plenty of bars and pubs in the area if you want to go out after dinner.

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          for that price level I know Bob Bob wouldbe way too £££. At 15-20 I would say g oto one of the Vietnameese restaurants up the Kingsland Road, or go to Tayabs nr Old Street for indian food as both areas are near funky bars. In central town there is a south indian restaurant - I think it i called Ragams (? am i wrong?) - behind charlotte street. you can bring your own booze to all of these I think (maybe not Ragams) so it keeps the overall cost down. In Soho you could go to the Busaba Ethai, it is a chain but I think it is always tasty food. Or wht sabout sampling fish and chips? Again there is a bring your own bottle place on Waterloo Road (search these threads - it is meant to be one of the best in London - Masters Fish and Chips)and it is round the corner from some nice bars (Jakks under the arches, or Cubanas), and a strole away from the river.

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            I thought about Busaba Eathai too, but since you can't make any reservations it's quite annoying to queue up when there's 5-7 people, as you have to wait for quite a long time to find a table for that many people. And it's always busy, especially on Fri and Sat nights, so you can't avoid it.

        2. Thanks for all the responses! Y'all have given me loads to think about. I will check out these and report back next month! Thank you for all your help.