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Apr 5, 2010 03:14 PM

Lots of Leftover Spiral-Sliced Ham

I've got several pounds of ham meat left over from a semi-decent spiral sliced ham. In addition to making some sandwiches, I think I'll look for ways to extrapolate this into some preferably freezable items, to keep us from eating too much ham all at once.

My first idea is quiche, but I could easily make two or three quiches and still have half the ham left over. Other ideas?

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  1. I just popped open an old cookbook that was sitting close by "Out of Kentucky Kitchens" by Marion Flexner 1949 to see what might be done with leftover ham. Note: Kentucky kitchens tend to have a lot of ham leftovers this time of year.

    I found "Hambalaya" -- it's pretty much Jambalaya made with ham. The recipe in the book also uses oysters, shrimp and sausage. I initially giggled at "Hambalaya" But after more consideration, it's stewy...and certainly would freeze well.

    There's also ham salad. ...and of course, you could use it for seasoning all sorts of veggies like kale, greens, beans etc.

    1. another CH posted the same query a few hours before yours, elicited numerous ideas. here's the link to that thread:

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        Thanks, I noticed that too. Sorry for the overlap.