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Apr 5, 2010 02:06 PM

Baking Class in Paris

Hey there,

I will be travelling to Paris in late April/Early May and am interested in taking a daylong cooking class. Ideally, it would be geared towards pastries and/or breads. I've seen numerous options on various websites...just wondering which might be reputable, fun, hands-on.


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  1. I Perfer Paris Tours has wonderful cooking classes.......We spent two great days with Richard, the owner, last summer and really enjoyed his view of Paris. I'm sure he will be able to plan a fun day for you cooking and baking. Please tell him that Doris refered you. We will be in Paris this summer and are already planning our days with him.

    1. It would help if you stated whether you speak French or not. There are many more possibilities, generally cheaper, if you do. But there's no point in listing them if you don't speak French.

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        Hey there,
        I speak minimal French and the wife speaks and understands a little more. But, I imagine we'd get more out of the experience if the baker/teacher spoke some English.
        Thanks in advance.