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Apr 5, 2010 01:51 PM

America's Test Kitchen for Nintendo

There is a TV ad promoting a Nintendo offering which turns meal preparation into a game. It was developed in conjunction with the ATK people and purports to get the whole family engaged in cooking and eating together. That's an admirable goal, to be sure, but I am really uncomfortable with the idea that the way we get our children to learn, work, and cooperate is to make EVERYTHING a game. Will they be prepared for the realities of adulthood if they are raised without having to do anything that isn't fun?

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  1. Can't wait until a family inevitably orders chinese or pizza for their game night and then spends the whole evening playing a cooking game.

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      A young lady wrote an editorial in this past Sunday's Detroit Free Press which included a similar story...her offer to bake cookies with the kids she was babysitting was rebuffed in favor of playing "Cooking Mama"

    2. I see where you're coming from, but if the goal is to teach, have the children learn and have some good family time, I see no problems with making a game out of cooking. Many families encourage their children to cook by making it fun.

      I believer there are many other opportunities to prepare children for the realities of adulthood. It's called junior high and high school. lol :-)

      1. It is not a game. It is cooking instruction/recipe database software for the Nintendo DS handheld system. So, it is not actually using a game to is using new technology to teach. And like it or not, one day the kids of today will only be prepared for the realities of adulthood if they are up with the latest technology.

        That said, there are other cooking oriented video games out there, and I see nothing wrong with using a game to teach...especially to teach something that should be fun, like cooking!

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          i have this one but have never made anything:
          it's actually fun and nice to look at. i turn off the guiding voice though.

        2. It's not new. They had cooking before on the DS (before America's Test Kitchen). The ad showed Lisa Kudrow making a stir-fry. Anyone remember it?

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            I thought she was an odd choice for that commercial. I kept thinking of Romy and Michelle and who would leave their daughter with Lisa Kudrow.

          2. I wanna play Jack Bishop. He gets to taste everything!!


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              Jack's a vegetarian. He must not enjoying tasting *everything*.