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Apr 5, 2010 12:01 PM

Grilled Crab Legs in LA?

Hello everyone. Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of enjoying some grilled Dungeness crab legs at a buffet at the Green Valley Resort in Las Vegas. You would first take a place of steamed crab legs and then give them to a cook who was behind a large flat grill. He/she would then grill the crab legs using a variety seasonings (i.e., medium or spicy tomato/garlic, Cajun, etc.) This was my first time having seasoned grilled crab legs, and I was blown away.

Is there a restaurant anywhere in the LA metro area that serves seasoned grilled crab legs? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Not cooked on a grill, but any Chinese seafood place can cook Dungeness crabs anyway you want in a wok and it will be just as good as what you had. Maybe better because they haven't been "cooked" twice.

    My favorite is the Valley View Casino near Escondido at their seafood buffet. Bring a plate full of Alaskan king crab legs to the Chinese station and the guy will stir fry them with some sweet hot chili sauce. Sign up for a players club card and get a free seafood buffet (every night of the week starting 4pm), otherwise $24 or $2 off with your players club card.
    See the picture if it shows up.

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      Wow, monku, this is great! I truly appreciate the tip. And this may be an even better bet since I prefer king crab legs to dungeness. Can't wait to go this weekend...

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        Weekend will be busy.
        They also have great prime rib, Maine lobster, raw oysters, shrimp and they make some decent sushi for a buffet. But, I always chow down on those stir fried king crab legs. Click on the Valley View Casino website under the players club to make sure, but they've had that freebie deal since they opened. Even better they gave me two free seafood buffets to get me back down there plus I've won a few hundred dollars on both visits. Supposed to be the best buffet in San Diego.
        Let me know if it's better than Green Valley Resort.