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Apr 5, 2010 11:54 AM

Borough market, London equivalent in NYC


I'm hopefully travelling to NYC again later this year and wondered if there was an equivalent in NYC of London's great Borough market? I've been to NYC many times but never come across anything close, so I'd like to know out interest if there is a market of comparable size and variety.

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  1. There is the Union Square Greenmarket, but unlike the Borough Market it cannot sell prepared food. And it is supposed to be direct marketed, i.e., without a middle person. So its not the paradise that Borough Market is.

    1. I don't know of any. The closest I can think of is Philly's Reading Terminal Market.

      1. I would say New Amsterdam Market. Unfortunately it's not held on a regular basis the way Borough Market is.

        1. There is nothing like it.

          I suppose combining Union Square market with Chelsea Market (easy crosstown bus or L train ride across 14th street) would get you you an approximation.

          I am all for a version of "La Boqueria" in NYC.

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            The Essex Street public market might be OK also. The Chelsea Market is certainly a lot of fun and you can get a good meal there. But really you would have to go to Philadelphia for the Reading or maybe Rochester NY for their terrific public market.

            1. re: BMartin

              If I ever find myself in Rochester that's good to know.