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Apr 5, 2010 11:51 AM

Leftover Spiral Ham-Need Ideas!

This Easter it was just my DH and I, but I didn't want that to deter me from one of my favorite treats- ham! I knew I'd have a lot of leftovers from the 8lb spiral ham (Costco's Kirkland brand which was delicious and about $1/pound!), but would like fun ideas for the leftovers.
So far, I'm thinking of:
Pea soup
Scalloped potatoes and ham
Hawaiian pizza

Can you help me come up with fun and creative ways to use up my ham?

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  1. Ham freezes amazingly so if you get all hammed out, stick the remainder in the chill chest.

    I vote for ham, cheese and tomato on sourdough paninis for the left overs.

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      1. re: monavano

        I agree with Flaxen_Vixen on the freezing. And if you have a vacuum sealer, even better.

      2. re: Flaxen_Vixen

        Back in the 80s, Burger King used to offer this sandwich called the "Yumbo". Basically, thin sliced ham, heated on the grill, topped with cheese (I think they used Velveeta, but I use a good cheddar), and then served on a seeded bun. You can class it up, but really not necessary. Hot ham slices, topped with melted cheese and served on a warm bun, how much better can it get?

      3. Ham & Eggs
        Ham Panini Sandwiches
        Ham Salad
        Grilled Ham and Cheese (also yummy if you add tomato)
        Eggs Benedict
        Cubano Sandwiches
        Ham Stuffed Manicotti
        Ham & Swiss Quiche
        Ham & Pasta bake
        Ham Pot Pie
        Baked Beans with Ham
        Navy Bean Soup
        Pork Fried Rice
        Ham Loaf
        Ham Croquettes
        Luncheon Timbales
        Cauliflower Ham Supreme Casserole

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        1. re: boyzoma

          Cuban sandwich sounds great- I"ve got ciabatta bread so I'm thinking panini.
          Loving the croquette idea!

        2. Fancy mac & cheese with ham is Epi's Rigatoni with Ham and Tomatoes...this is delish:

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            This sounds great-I have feta and cream, so this just may be dinner tonight. I'm thinking that perhaps I'll finish it with bread crumbs and pats of butter under the broiler.

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              When I first saw this recipe, I was like " and ham together?" But the reviews were glowing so I tried it and we love it ... only once in a while tho' due to how rich it is. The thyme also works nicely in it for a nice change-up. Hope you liked it!

            2. re: Val

              I hosted a small family group and ended up with the better part of our good-sized spiral ham and bone. Probably will use the bone for a lentil soup.

              But as I also have most of the ingredients for this rigatoni in house, I will definitely make it this week -- in ovenproof soup bowls for easy freezing, reheating and sharing!

              I'm particularly happy that it calls for heavy cream as I've got two pints in the fridge.

              Sholli's post below for pasta with cottage cheese and ham sounds worth a try too...I really like what the heat of the pasta does to cottage cheese, but haven't had them together in quite a while.

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                Update - made the rigatoni last night, subbing part-skim ricotta in place of the mozzarella. It was really fantastic and I think it would lend itself to a lot of improvisation and lightening up. Also a wonderful gift to bake and freeze for new parents (which I'm thinking of doing soon for a new arrival).

              1. nice bounty you have. +1 on the mac and cheese (peas as a side). also the ham and eggs (add a side of grits and redeye gravy). i used to get soup at a favorite chinese restaurant that was lightly blanched veggies in chicken broth with slivers of ham. that's sounding like i need to make it this week.