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Apr 5, 2010 11:34 AM

Asian Cajun Crawfish?

I just read Penny De los Santos's recent blog post about her odyssey to Houston's Chinatown to sample many restaurants offering the Asian twists on a Cajun Crawfish Boil.
I was totally unaware of such gourmet treats. Does anybody have any recommendations for finding Asian Cajun in our fair town?

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  1. I was eating at le soleil and one of the guys working told me they would be doing crawfish boils. on another note, le soleil is delicious.

    1. The pics look much like how they're served at Hot Boiled on Parmer. I ate their a month or two back. The flavor was pretty good, but the crawfish were rather small, but that was probably a function of how early in the season it was. I would go back, I hear good things about their Crawfish Pho, but didn't try it then.

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        I love the salt and pepper fried crawfish tails at Sea Dragon. Have them.

        Sea Dragon
        8776B Research Blvd, Austin, TX 78758

      2. Crawfish Shack over on Wells Branch is a Vietnamese-Cajun restaurant. It's run by a local vietnamese family. The prices there are good (as in a po boy costs 1/3rd less what it'll run you at Shuck Shack).

        I'd go sooner rather than latter, since it is currently crawfish season and you might as well strike while the striking is good.

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          I agree, hands down best asian style crawfish in town. the sauce is top secret, even though we tried and pried our best with the owner

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            What other types of things do they have on their menu? I lived in Lake Charles 25 years ago and they had the best Asian restaurant I have ever been to. It was a fusion kind of thing there as well.

        2. three words: crawfish fried rice

          Get a generous portion for $6 at Captain TJ's (Howard Ln, off I-35).
          Crawfish in every spoonful--who does that?!

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