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Quiche. What kind? How many?

20 coming for brunch on Sunday. I'm getting 2 dozen bagels (which will be 26), making a large fruit salad, chocolate cake (it's a birthday brunch). I'd like to round out the meal with a variety of quiches. Pretty hearty appetites on these folks, 2 vegetarians. How many quiches should I plan on serving and what are your favorite recipes? Thanks. (Any additional ideas are welcome as well).

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  1. I made quiche for a restaurant I worked in (my job as a baker). We cut them in 8 slices but you can easily get 10 slices out of a 9 inch pie since you are doing a variety.

    Some of the favorites were Italian sausage & fennel, smoked salmon & dill, Vegetable (which included mushrooms, onions, roasted bell pepper, sauteed diced potato, spinach and smoked gouda cheese or any combination of veggies on hand), and of course, classic Lorraine...I'd sometimes do a specialty of sweet potato hash quiche, which included diced and sauteed sweet potatoes cooked until nearly fork tender, red bell pepper, celery, onion, grated ginger, cilantro.

    1. I love sauteed leeks and chevre, possibly with a little bit of shallot and/or thyme. Mushroom and sausage go well together. Several of the salty cheeses (feta, gruyere) combine well w/ veggies. I also sometimes make quiche with tons of veggies, some cheese, and little egg when I want it to have a lighter ratio.

      1. Yes you can get 8 - 10 slices out of a 9" pie... but if your hearty eaters are like mine... I'd go with a more generous portion.

        For 20 people I'd make 4-5 quiches. Easily two could be vegetarian because with a great cheesy quiche you don't feel the loss of meat. Cheryl's options below cover a lot of ground.

        I'd consider an Asparagus quiche because they're in season right now.

        Also consider savory tarts where you can use frozen puff pastry. Easy.

        1. I would say at least 4 quiche. I have always found that ham, bacon, brocolli, red pepper, mushroom and onion go the quickest.

          Have you thought about having a baked ham? That would make anyone happy and it is really easy to prepare.

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            Considering that many people are likely to be eating leftover Easter ham this week, I would not serve ham at this particular brunch.

            One of my favorite quiche combinations is cheddar, onion, shredded carrot, and diced apple, with or without bacon. But since you are serving bagels, I would do omelets rather than quiche - too much starch, especially with a birthday cake to follow. Julia Child did an omelet "torte" which is a make-ahead dish that looks very impressive. Make a bunch of omelet rounds (like crepes), and put various prepared fillings between the layers. Heat through in the oven, serve in wedges with optional mornay sauce.

          2. Twenty people in attendance? You'll need five quiches.
            My favorite is seafood [and cheese] quiche. Zucchini quiche comes in second.

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              Seafood and cheese together in one quiche? Yeesh! I'm thinking 5 is the right number too.

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                Any chance you have a good recipe for zucchini quiche cheese boy?

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                  @millygirl, I will save myself any ridicule buy saying, "No, I don't have any good recipes for zucchini quiche". I pride myself in the simplicity of some of my recipes and this happens to be one of those. Key ingredients though are: zucchini, evoo, dried oregano, yellow onions, eggs, grated cheese, and your choice of flour.

                  @southernitalian, Seafood quiche is addictive. Follow your recipe directions for making a standard quiche. Then to those ingredients add crab meat, lobster, shrimp, whatever you like, and then some Gruyère de Comté, cheddar or swiss and bake.

              2. Take my suggestion for what's it worth - with 20 people, I wouldnt be making quiche, since you would need 4-5. I would make 2 9X13 pans of strata, you can do vegetarian and meat. The same basic concept - eggs, milk, bread, veggies, cheese but less. you can cut the strata in pieces as small or large as you want. Also, you can prepare the strata(s) the day before, refrigerate overnight, and pop into an oven 45 - 60 min prior to brunch without much fuss. Heck, you could even freeze them ahead of time. Just MHO. If you are interested or want strate recipes, let me know.

                What are you serving with the bagels? I would do a platter with smoked fish or salmon, cheese, flavored cream cheeses, onions, and sliced tomatoes. Just trying to help.

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                  Diane - have you been talking to my mother? I think I may be headed in this direction. I would very much love to see your strata recipes. Thank you.

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                    In my family we call them wifesavers because you can make them the night before and just pop them in the oven in the mornning. Stratas would be perfect for this crowd. Scroll through some of your favouite websites reading the recipes and then adjust them to suit you. I'd do a mexican one with chillies and chorizo, a ham and cheese with peppers and onions and maybe a veggie with zuccini and spinach and feta. Once you get what the balance of milk and egg will need to be it's hard to screw this up.

                    I usually do fruit kabobs but my friend wanted to do the the fruit for a brunch this weekend and she did a salad that was beautiful. She made it in a trifle dish in layers - mango, pineapple, oranges, kiwi, strawberries. The colours were stunning. She made whip cream with lime zest to spoon on top but I tend to like my fruit dip: light cool whip mixed with lime yogurt and lime zest. No one will know its the packaged crud

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                      Yes, SouthernItalian, your mother and I have talked and we agree you should ALWAYS listen to your mother (just kidding).

                      I don'[t have a specific recipe for strate, so much as a method for making it. Unless I am making it for company, I usually use leftover meats, cheese, veggies laying around. Here is the method and the combinations and permutations are endless:

                      1 large loaf French sourdough baguetter, challah, wheat bread, 7 grain, whatever is on hand
                      6 eggs, well beaten seasoned with salt, pepper and complementary herbs like parsley, chives, tarragon, rosemeary depending upon your filling
                      4 cups skim milk, whole milk, 1/2 and 1/2 or cream depending upon your diet of the moment
                      4-5 cups grated cheese like gruyere, colby jack, monterey jack, swiss, gouda, romano, parmesan, or a combination that sounds appealing to you
                      2-3 cups pre-cooked (sauteed) veggies like chopped spinach, artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, zuchinni, asparagus, eggplant, leeks, onions, shallots, scallions, yellow squash, green, red, or yellow peppers, mushrooms of any variety or combo you like
                      1 lb. sauteed sausage meat (Italian hot or sweet, kielbasa, breakfast, etc) or 1 lb bacon of any variety cooked and crumbled
                      1/4 cup Parmesan or Romano for topping

                      In flat 9X13 pan, grease bottom and sides well with butter. Layer 1/2 bread, meat, veggie, cheese in that order and make 2 layers of everything. Veggies should be somewhat seasoned with garlic, salt & pepper. Beat custard with eggs and dairy of your choice, add fresh herbs to suit your taste. Pour over mixture poking holes to ensure custard soaks into mixture. Sprinkle remaining cheese on top. Cover and refrigerate at least 8 hours. Bake at 350-375 for 45-60 min. Let sit a couple minutes before slicing into squares. This is also good tepid or room temperature.

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                        Thank you Miss Diane. Love a good, flexible recipe. of course, when my mom sees the Bloody Mary bar and the Mimosas, she'd be happy with a deep fried flip flop.

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                      I agree that strata is a better idea and that you can get away with 2. I have made this one a few times and it is great http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...
                      There are others on Epicurious that look good as well.

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                        Do you have a receipe for this amount of people?

                      2. agree with 5 quiches... i'm a conservative gal... would rather have leftovers and more choices. i would also consider doing one that is crustless, just for the few folks that might prefer that :)

                        my fave combos include:
                        -spinach, mushroom, onions, jarlsberg
                        -shrimp and scallop or shrimp and crab, swiss
                        -eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, onions, garlic, basil, thyme, and gruyere and/or goat cheese and/or feta
                        -hash brown potatoes, ham, onions, (mushrooms), cheddar

                        1. I second the strata option. Much easier. Cooks Illustrated has a great basic recipe - with a few variations also. The two favorites are always the spinach/gruyere or the sausage/colby jack. I make them all the time for events and always get asked for the recipes. I will caution you that they take slightly longer to cook than the recipe says if you are making the 9x13 size - so give yourself a little extra time. Plus they taste better and are easier to cut when they are not steaming hot. I also think having the smoked salmon, etc.. for the bagels is a great idea. Another poplar veggie option I do at brunch is Ina Garten's vegetable torte. Not too complicated and looks beautiful on a buffet. As do the fruit kabobs instead of fruit salad - very popular with kids. I also usually have a bloody mary bar set up and that makes everybody happy :)

                          1. Cauliflower with Cashew. Best combination ever.

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                                Honestly, I just wing it. Sorry!! I use lightly cooked cauliflower and raw cashews and rarely every use a crust. Just a bunch of eggs, milk, cheese (swiss, gruyere or whatever is around), salt pepper and I like a little nutmeg, too.

                            1. our most popular at the restaurant is the oven dried veggies (roma tomatoes, zucchini, portobello, etc.) and goat cheese. but i also love the leek (roasted with port wine) and swiss. we also do a fig and maytag bleu cheese. SO yummy!!!