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Apr 5, 2010 10:57 AM

Seasons at the Westin Prince?

I keep driving by the Westin Prince hotel and seeing a sign for a restaurant called 'Seasons at the Westin Prince'. It's the same location as Katsura. I thought maybe it would be a good place, but I can't find any info/reviews online. It might be new.
Please oh mighty chowhound hive mind; do you know if this is a restaurant worth checking out?

900 York Mills Rd, Toronto, ON M3B3H2, CA

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  1. You may have to be the first intrepid hound to check it out and let the rest of us know!

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    1. re: JamieK

      I went and tried it tonight. I'll do my best to give a review:

      The room is excellent. Tables are spaced far apart with big comfy chairs, and most of the tables have a view of don river parkland. We could even see some frolicking wildlife.

      I went with one other person, we each did a main and an app.
      My app was 'Carribean lamb pops'. It was three bones off of a rack of lamb, cooked to medium rare, well seasoned with a bit of spiciness, and good quality lamb.
      My friend got crab cakes, and he let me try them. It had a good ratio of crab/other stuff, and I found them quite tasty, but I'm not a connoisseur of crab cakes so I can't compare to other places that well.
      My main was 'White tea and saffron infused poached sea bass'. Unfortunately the white tea and saffron were apparently fictitious, as I could taste not even a hint of either. Despite being mislead I liked the dish, the portion of sea bass was very generous, and it was drizzled with some red wine reduction and served on a bed of bell peppers and rapini.
      My friend got a striploin steak. He said it was done to his liking. His only complaint was that the menu said it came with 'Wasabi mashed potatoes' but the mash didn't have any wasabi flavor. I tried and and I can confirm no wasabi ever got near those mashed potatoes. Not even green stained horseradish. So it does seem that they are willing to be dishonest on their menu to make the dishes sound more exotic than they are, unless this was a mistake (we didn't to complain to the waitress about it so it is possible).

      Mains were around 20-30 per person, apps 10-15. Service was good, and the kitchen was fast. We were in and out in just a bit over 45 minutes.

      Something that didn't suite my particular interests but my be important to some hounds, is that they did have a lot more vegetarian options than most other restaurants. I estimate around 1/3 of the menu were vegetarian dishes. Also they seemed quite health focused.

      Given that it's in a bit of a culinary dead zone, I feel that this place does at least warrant further investigation.

      1. re: graydyn

        Thanks, graydyn, you are indeed an intrepid hound. Good to know there is this option in the area as I agree there's not much around except for the unfortunate Duncan House.

        I also like the idea of comfy chairs with a view -- especially with frolicking wildlife!

    2. I thought it was the name of a spa that is being built?