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Apr 5, 2010 10:21 AM

Fish CSA
The Cape Ann Fish CSA is starting a new season in May. Looking forward to joining but not sure if I will go the whole fish route or the filet route. Any tips from current members would be appreciated. Did you find you used the carcass and bones for soups and stocks? Any recipe ideas would be helpful too as I have not handled whole fish much and have not had the carcass to work with to make stocks.

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  1. I really loved having the bones for stock, it made for by far the best chowders and fish stews I've ever had. There is a whole thread over on Home Cooking (link below) which you may really enjoy reading and which may help you decide and also give you guidance on recipes. I personally am sticking with the whole fish. Not only do I get the bones but all that practice filleting it has given me more confidence dealing with cutting up large cuts of chicken and meats too.

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      I'm also sticking with the whole fish. I learned a lot from dealing with it and yes - wonderful stocks. We're splitting the share with friends.

      1. re: fesenjan

        Me too, can't beat having a whole fish to roast....

    2. I learned a lot about fish butchery with whole fish and used all the trimmings for stock. Go for it!

      1. What about the alternating share? That is what I am going to sign up for, it seemed the best of both worlds, whole fish to roast and bones for stock, but without having to face all the work every week.

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          I was thinking of that too though part of me wondered if the filets would be as fresh as the whole fish.

        2. Is this the place that some stated was providing mainly cod for each delivery last year? Are there any other experienced members who can shed some light on other fish that they deliver, or is cod the mainstay each year? Thanks!

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          1. re: kobuta

            For us it was mostly cod through the summer season. However, there were weeks when we received hake, flounder, sand dabs, pollock, and haddock.
            And yes, I know that haddock & cod and flounder & sand dabs are related....

            1. re: Gio

              As Gio says, but in the fall I also got whiting once (delicious!) and mackeral once (ditto), and I think my share partner once in her week had a choice of cod or monkfish tails. But mostly cod or pollack, although I have to say, I never got tired of it, it was so fresh and lovely.

              1. re: GretchenS

                Oh gosh I totally forgot the whiting! We liked those very much...
                Thanks for reminding me, Gretchen.

              2. re: Gio

                Thanks for the follow ups. Would love to try but want a partner to share, and I don't think the potential partners are too hot on getting mainly cod in the summer.

                I read on their site that they focus on sustainably-caught fishing. Is overfishing of cod not a problem? Just trying to gauge the likelihood of different options this year.

                1. re: kobuta

                  The director of the CFS, Niaz Dorry, has stated that the fish caught for these shares comes from the Gulf of Maine. where the fish population has thrived due to the limits and practices used by the fisherpeople. Some disagree, but she insists that this is how the fishery would survive. OTOH, after reading "Bottomfeeders" by Taras Grescoe and the Monterey Bay safe lists we had our doubts. However, subsidizing the local fishers and having fresher than fresh seafood regularly balanced things out. A bit. I think.

            2. I'm definitely doing it this seaon- alternating fillet and whole fish. I'm hoping for some variety, but they catch what they catch. Not unlike other CSAs- you can be inundated with turnips if that's all that grows that year!