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Apr 5, 2010 10:07 AM

anyone seen rhubarb lately??

i saw it at the hollywood farmer's market a few weeks ago, but it doesn't seem to be there anymore. i thought the season would be a bit longer...any ideas??

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  1. I saw it at Whole Foods this weekend but didn't see it at any of the SaMo Saturday farmer's market stands.

    1. I get it from the Hollywood Farmer's market. One woman usually has it, she's on the North West side of the market. I know she sells to restaurants and is sometimes sold out because of that. If you tell her a week in advance, she'll put some aside for you.

      If you can't wait, that fancy Ralphs in studio city on Ventura Blvd. had it on Sunday.

      1. The rhubarb you get this time of year is forced, so the season it pretty limited. I go to Oregon every March to buy it there (it freezes well). I have started growing my own. You can buy the crowns online and harvest the second growth. Note: it dies back in winter, so don't despair.

        I have noticed rhubarb showing up on dessert menus (Smitty's in Pasadena) - so I'm pleased there seems to be a resurgence of interest in it! Chef's must be getting it somewhere!

        1. There was plenty of it at Lake Ave. Ralphs in Pasadena yesterday. Don't know what the price was but I'm gonna go buy some.

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          1. re: Will Owen

            Will, Leave some for me. I see rhubarb pie in my future.

            1. re: ilikefood

              None at South Pasadena farmer's market, but I got some at Bristol Farm.

              1. re: ilikefood

                I got two pounds at Ralphs, not at all cheap (about $5/lb!) but I was just greedy. Made a thick sauce with that and some good strawberries from the Saturday Pasadena FM. We WILL be having that on ice cream...!

            2. i saw some at whole foods the other day. i'm in north hollywood though. there were only a few bunches of it, pretty weak. hang in there, it's coming soon i'm sure!