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Venue for private music band party in Montreal?

Hi Chowhounders,

I'm organizing a birthday party for a fellow, but finding a venue for my little shindig is trickier than I thought -- I need your help!

Here is what makes it tricky:

I'm looking for a place
- that's on the small side - I expect only 30-40 people
- where a music band can play
- on a Saturday night
- ideally on the island of Montreal, hopefully close to downtown or surrounding boroughs

In my party-organizing fantasies, I imagine something like a small bar, a quaint little pub or a cute restaurant. I'm flexible (and desperate) enough though that I can organize food and drinks separately from the venue.

Looking forward to your ideas! Thanks!!

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  1. i know burritoville on bishop near concordia has live bands playing all the time. it has a couple of floors and probably can accommodate that amount of people. i've also heard that vibe is really great as well.

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      Yep! You can rent the space on the second floor and it has a little bar space and a piano. The only downside is it is fairly small, we were about 15 and filled up the space so it's not bad if you don't mind it being tight. No air con so it'll get really really hot though.

    2. Hurley's might fit the bill, they have rooms you could reserve for your group, they do have live bands on some nights if i recall correctly, and food is irish/british pub food, however, i'm not sure you would be able to see/hear the live band depending on where you are sitting in the pub

      1. A friend of mine did something similar at Bitoque (Notre-Dame just west of Atwater), they have a "basement" that's pretty cool and you can rent it out. That was about a year/year and a half ago though so I can't promise they still offer it.

        1. If you already have the band, you could probably book Les Trois Minots on St-Laurent. It won't be private but there will be very few people who will come in from the street. I don't know whether you'd be able to cater there.

          1. Maybe it's too large a venue but Lion d'Or coud work pretty well. I friend of mine throws his b-day party their every year.

            1. Bitoque is the place to go just 2 blocks from the Place St Henri Metro it is well located with decent parking outside on Notre Dame.Good cheap eats and BYOB is an unbeatable combo.The basement has had music events and should be available if not I've been to events/parties upstairs as well. Call Herm at 514-303-6402

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                Dear chowhounders,

                you are superstars - thank you so much for all your great ideas!
                I will call all your suggested places and keep you posted by the end of the week. :)

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                  What did you end up choosing littlefish?

                  1. re: unlaced

                    I RENTED A LOFT

                    Hi friends,
                    I ended up renting a big loft near Notre-Dame street close to Atwater, where we could play our music and not worry about other patrons. I got the food catered from Agnus Dei (it was delicious). I chose this option because all the restaurants that I researched did not allow for a band and/or could not host a private party on a Saturday evening and/or were way out of price range.

                    I hope this helps anyone out there in the same situation!

                    Thank you for all your suggestions :)

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                      Is there a website for this place? If not, do you still have their contact info? And what is the max. capacity (I'm looking for 100-120) and price?

                      Thanks a whole lot!

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                        I found it on kijiji - you may want to look there as there are several different lofts to pick from (last time I checked). Good luck!

              2. There's a HUGE and fantastic loft/studio/venue space that can be quite affordable depending on the size of your event and offers various bar and catering services at the Old Port off De La Commune. It's on the top floor of one of the old warehouse buldings facing the river and the only thing I can remember about the name is that it was a number spelled out in letters and possibly in french... Cinq or Huit maybe with a single letter proceeding? It's got old arcade machines and a projection screen and huge factory windows.. a really great place for a private party with live music and beautiful location if you're looking for next time. I think it costs about $800 to rent out and there's full bar service and staffed.

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                    I am really interested to find out the address of this loft. Is it possible for you to recollect it? Thanks

                    1. re: nsharmeen

                      Oliver has left Montreal so might not catch this, but the website posted in response has the address and all pertinent details..