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Apr 5, 2010 09:06 AM

Good Steak House in Vermont

Are there any good steak houses in Vermont? I used to like Sirloin Saloon as a decent "mid-level" steak house but there has been new ownership a few times in the past several years and it really has gone downhill, IMHO.

I'm mainly interested in the Rutland to Burlington corridor, as I work in Rutland and used to live in Burlington so I find myself there quite often.

Steak House
Barre-Montpelier Rd, Barre, VT 05641

Sirloin Saloon
200 S Main St, Rutland, VT 05701

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  1. I'm rather fond of the Windjammer, right by the Burlington exit. Their sides are mostly nothing to write home about, but they certainly cook up a good steak.

    1. Do not, I repeat, do NOT go to the Steakhouse on the Barre Montpelier road. It's awful.

      Gristly meat (even the high end cuts), not cooked to order very well. Mediocre sides (if you're lucky), and wilted everything on the salad bar. It's just totally not worth the price.

      ETA: You've been warned!

      1. I enjoyed a steak at the Blue Cat on St. Paul in Burlington (upstairs from Magnolia), a small, upscale steakhouse. Also, the Scuffer on Church Street, since it was sold and remodeled, has been a reliable middle of the road steakhouse. While neither are considered steak houses, the steak frites at Sonoma Station in Richmond is marvelous, and while pricey, you can't beat The Kitchen Table, also in Richmond, which usually has a steak on the menu.

        Kitchen Table Bistro
        1840 W Main St, Richmond, VT 05477

        Blue Cat Cafe and Wine Bar
        , Burlington, VT 05401

        The Scuffer Steak & Ale House
        148 Church St, Burlington, VT 05401

        Sonoma Station Restaurant
        99 Bridge St, Richmond, VT 05477

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        1. re: vermontreal

          Anyone tried Souza's Churrascaria in Burlington?

          Apparently The Scuffer IS good:

          1. re: jolsta

            I've eaten at Souza's when it was at its previous location and I enjoyed it immensely. The meat is saltier than we're used to, and that's possibly to make you order more drinks, or possibly because that's how they serve it in Brazil. I wouldn't know from that. We only haven't eaten there again because all you can eat places are no longer anything like a value for us since we got our surgery.

            I liked it a lot when i had it, though, despite the saltiness.

            1. re: Morganna

              Thanks. I didn't realise it was an all you can eat place. Could you still get the classics like a good rib eye or sirloin?

              1. re: jolsta

                I'm not sure it works that way. Here's their website:

                Check out the menu. It's pretty clear about how it works. :)