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Apr 5, 2010 08:39 AM

Helene Darroze - nobody talks about this place...and should!

Food was outstanding. Great service. Sure expensive, but worth every penny. I wish I had heard of this restaurant earlier in life. I will be stopping by each time I'm in long as I can afford it.

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  1. It's a 2 star Michelin, so it is already well-acclaimed. Tables must be booked well in advance. I don't think the "nobody talks about the place" is true...

    1. Actually, it has been talked about quite a bit here on the France forum, and not particularly favorably.

      Here's a link to a fairly recent discussion;

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      1. re: ChefJune

        I ate there once in the spring of 2002 when it was still a one star and thought it was quite good. After she got the second star prices exploded so I never returned. It is a one star again now, as of the 2010 Red Guide.

        1. re: f2dat06

          We ate there when it had two and didn't enjoy it. F2dat06 is correct they were demoted to one star in this years Michelin guide that was published in March. Maybe the loss will be the impetus to for her to drive to regain the second star and spend less time in her London restaurant.