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Apr 5, 2010 08:34 AM

Best Chinese Lunch Buffet (or dinner) in Calgary

Hey guys,

Did some searching but couldn't find any threads recent enough to be reliable...

I'm just lookin to see what people would recommend as the best, or top 2 or 3, Chinese lunch buffets here in Calgary, preferably in the North/Northeast. I'm looking for something more "conventional", so the items I'm looking for would be more like ginger beef, sweet&sour pork, that kinda stuff... And the good quality stuff obviously haha.

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  1. Sorry but I've never found Chinese buffet synonymous with "good quality stuff". When I was young, my parents took me to too many Chinese buffet and now I avoid it like the plague - usually I don't find the flavours to be worth the calories, high sodium, or high MSG intake. I'd rather go to a Chinese restaurant where food isn't dried out.

    Having said that, I can recognize there's differing tastes - China Rose is in the NE and quite popular in my office amongst our coworkers. I believe they have dim sum items, ginger beef, and sweet and sour. Price is approx 13 dollars.

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    1. I like the Shanghai Palace in the NW, but that might be a little far from you. They have their wonderful honey pepper chicken on the lunch buffet... but I agree with the other poster, buffet and quality don't really go together. :)

      1. Sorry, I guess I should specify... Quality being relative of course haha. Basically anything better than "decent".

        1. I think China Rose is good for a buffet, as is New Dynasty; they have a location at Country Hills by the movie theatre as well as one in Crowfoot.

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            There is also a New Dynasty right across Memorial from China Rose, tucked into the strip mall on 28th street behind the 7-11.

          2. I know all of the issues with Chinese buffets but we'll hit one every once in a while. The best advice is to go early and to watch when they come out with new stuff from the kitchen.

            That said, New Dynasty isn't bad nor is Ginger Beef.