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Apr 5, 2010 06:38 AM

Cook's Illustrated Brownies

I have been searching for a perfect brownie recipe and have tried a lot of good ones, but none that is exactly "it" for me. I get Cook's Illustrated and subscribe to their Web site too. They (plus Cook's Country, America's Test Kitchen) have published several different brownie recipes over the years. Has anyone out there tried any of them, several of them, all of them?? I have tried the ones made with cake flour and they were good, but I found the consistency wasn't quite right. There are a couple of low-fat ones and a recent one that calls for oil that I'm interested in trying. I'm all for experimenting with different recipes, but brownies are so fattening I have to be careful about making too many. Are there any recipes from the Cook's Illustrated/ATK group you would recommend? Or other brownie recipes in general? I don't want a cakey brownie, definitely lean more toward the fudgy side.

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  1. There are a few other threads on this subject, as it is well-discussed:

    This will give you some reading material and some ideas. There are a number of brownie threads, although not necessarily about CI recipes. Search this board for "cook's illustrated brownies" and click on relevance.

    1. Just a month or 2 ago, they came out with a Chewy brownie recipe that uses 2 kinds of fats (solid and liquid). This supposedly makes a big difference as far as texture. Seen many good reviews of it on various boards.

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        Looking at it again, the important factor was not solid vs. liquid but saturated vs. unsaturated fat. CI uses a ratio of about 70% unsaturated/30% saturated.

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          This looks yummy! Thanks for the heads up.

        2. have you tried barefoot contessa's recipe? i have made it about 5 times since i discovered it last month. i sprinkle about 1/8 t fleur de sel on top of the batter and divide it into 2 of my rectangle cake pans instead of the sheet pan. when i made it in the sheet pan, it overflowed and caught my oven on fire. oops.