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Bonta- Always good

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Sometimes the best is simply the most comfortable. Bonta always delivers excellent food, and a fun atmosphere. To get the most fun, eat at the bar. Al the bartender, Graham and Nicole make you feel at home. Drinks are strong and well made. The bar menu, with an incredible hamburger, excellent flatbreads, and a great beef salad made with grilled filet mignon. Bread is made in house. Prices in the bar are reasonable; in the restaurant rather high for very high quality food.

Best of all, the crowd is lively, and Thursday nights, ie Martini nights, brings out the cat-like denizons of the seacoast.

287 Exeter Road, Hampton, NH 03842

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  1. I tried the bar at Bonta with some friends a while back, and I would agree the burger is quite good. So my wife and I went with another couple for dinner and were generally disappointed. I will grant you, comparisons always depend on your frame of reference, so I suppose this would be acceptable Italian for the NH seacoast, but certainly not worth the exhorbitant prices. Guess the four of us are just not "cat-like denizens". (corrected for sp.)

    287 Exeter Road, Hampton, NH 03842

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