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Apr 4, 2010 09:34 PM

City Hall Restaurant in Keller

Went to City Hall Restaurant in Keller on Sunday and WOW it was delicious. We went as a family on Saturday and I was very impressed. The service was great, and the restaurant looks fantastic. Not the best location (I think it should be in Southlake but I'm biased).

We got to meet Chef Otto from Top Chef! He was so friendly and I appreciated that he came by each table. We started off with the oysters and they were wonderful! They were fried, but not heavy or greasy. Delicious!

I had the scallops as an entree and they were fantastic! Golden colored on the top, and served with this delicious potato/leek concoction. My mom had the rack of pork and my dad had the grilled salmon, and both were fantastic. We also appreciated that they had a kid's menu. The only thing that was just okay that we ordered was the flatbread. I don't really get the whole "flatbread" thing. It wasn't bad, just not that great compared to the other things we ordered.

Chowhounds, I encourage you to check this place out. Keller desperately needs good, non-chain restaurants, and City Hall certainly could use your support!

City Hall Restaurant
201 Town Center Ln #1101, Keller, TX 76248

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  1. Loved City Hall too. Beautiful interior and fantastic food. I think it should do quite well....and NO it should not be in Southlake!

    City Hall Restaurant
    201 Town Center Ln #1101, Keller, TX 76248

    1. Website's a little hard to find ...

      I wish the menu were more exciting ...

      1. oh my gosh, Lfitz200, I was just thinking about going out and visiting City Hall tonight when I coincidentally stumbled across your comment. It's like there's this completely organic grass-roots viral type GROUNDSWELL of excitement brewing for this exciting new jewel on the landscape of Keller, Texas. Your description of the food really had my mouth watering, and I've got like 10 kids, so anyplace with a kids menu is an automatic YES

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          We had dinne rther this evening...amazing! My scallops were perfectly cooked and just melted in my mouth. DH had pappardelle with meatballs and loved his dish too. Highly recommend to anyone in the Keller, NRH, Southlake, Grapevine and Trophy Lake area. We finally have a REAL restaurant in the area!

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          1. Hi folks, please pardon the interruption.

            We've removed a number of posts from this thread that made broad statements about the respective chow scenes in Dallas vs. Fort Worth vs. elsewhere in the region. In our experience, these don't help anyone eat better, and inevitably lead to flames.

            If you've got comments about City Hall Restaurant, by all means post away, but please keep it focused on specific chow.


            City Hall Restaurant
            201 Town Center Ln #1101, Keller, TX 76248