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Recs for Sunday dinner in Village, close to Bleecher and Thompson, not too expensive?

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We're going to the Bitter End and want something pleasant but not too expensive first.

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  1. Check out La Lanterna di Vittorio on Macdougal, right across the park.

    Arturo's comes to mind if you want to do pizza.

    La Lanterna
    129 MacDougal St, New York, NY 10012

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    1. re: feynmix

      Second Arturo's. Pleasant atmosphere, with the live jazz, and good price point.

    2. Depends on your definition of "not too expensive", but I prefer Keste for pizza.

      1. How about Lupa?

        170 Thompson Street, New York, NY 10012

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        1. re: peter j

          Well yes define "not too expensive"--Lupa can add up.

          1. re: BROOKLYNDINER

            Bianca at the other end of Bleeker, almost to Bowery is terrific and very inexpensive. It's a little noisy, but if you can get in early it's not bad. Best value in the neighborhood.

        2. What does not too expensive mean to you and what type of food?

          1. The original post was back in April 2010, so I'm afraid this is the bitter end of discussion.

            Gonna try Bianca though....

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            1. re: Riverman500

              Missed that.

              Brooklyndiner, why'd you dredge up a 10 month old post?