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Apr 4, 2010 08:10 PM

Bitter Orange Marmalade in Tampa Bay Area

I am fond of Bitter Orange Marmalade. Most well known orange marmalades are too sweet for me. Hero Brand from Switzerland is the best one but I can not find it anywhere. Can anyone guide me where I can buy such Marmalade. I am willing to try other brands as long as they are not sweet like Smuckers etc.

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  1. have you tried Whole Foods on Dale Mabry or Fresh Market? Mazzarro's?

    1. Try the Florida Winery in South Pasadena. Although they are a winery, they have tons and tons of Florida local products in their "gift" shop. Give them a call and see if they have any. Either way, this is a very cool place to visit. I have a bottle of their "Category Five" sangria that I am saving for you-know-what. Hope I never have the occasion to open it!

      1. I think Dundee is the best orange marmalade, but I have not found it in Tampa yet. I smuggle it into the state from Trader Joes' in DC... good luck!

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          I found Dundee at Publix. It sells for $ 6.99

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            Which Publix, please, naruda? I couldn't find it at Greenwise...

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              Publix in Northwood Plaza in Clearwatwer. It is at the intersection of McMullen Booth and Enterprise. NW side of the intersection,