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Apr 4, 2010 06:03 PM

Montreal/ CDN: authentic Vietnamenese Cuisine (for Pho AND other dishes)

1st post here but long time viewer and supporter.
I just tried an authentic Vietnamese restaurant on Cote Des Neiges In Montreal
Banh Cuon Dao Vien / 5623A Cote des neiges
I went for dinner hoping to devoure a plate of Banh Cuon, unfortunately they are made fresh daily and were sold out by the time I got to the restaurant ( my bad, I went at 8.30 and the place closes at 9.00).
The owner advised to try chicken lemongrass with noodles and pickled veggies. It was DE LI CI OUS. Reminded me of my youth in France where mey best friend friend was Viet and his parents were feeding us with homemade food based on family recipe. This restaurant is very homie and serves great homemamde and flavoured dish.
I also got a chnce to sample their "3colors" drink to go and I almost had a tear of joy it was so good and fresh.
I found my new authentic Viet place in Montreal and i will go again again and again.

The owner told me about their second location in Brossard where they do fried spring rolls with RICE papers as it is supposed to be .
PS: Their Pho soup seemed to be very tasty too, based on the table next to mine that was slurping their broth and meat and noodles avidly.
I can't wait for the next trial
(If this sounds too good to be true, then it means that I'm a happy customer nothing more)

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