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Apr 4, 2010 05:29 PM

Ace Baguettes - bake at home

Bought these frozen yesterday, as I knew the shops would be closed, and I was looking forward to a steak sandwich :)

Baked this in the oven, as directed. Fairly good, especially considering the option was going without fresh bread.

Here's the question - would this work in a toaster oven? That way I could have fresh bread at lunchtime. (Yummy)



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  1. I bake these in my toaster oven all the time. Super fast, super yummy. I don't even bother preheating the toaster oven. I just stick the frozen demi-baguette in the toaster oven, turn it on to 375 and bake for 15 mins.

    1. I have even baked them on the barbeque! Great in the summer when it is really hot and you don't want to heat up the kitchen.

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      1. re: morty999

        Cool Thanks Morty & Jo.

        FYI - pizza is also good on the BBQ. mmmmm.

      2. Mike, I'm sure I'm a bit late, but as a former Ace employee here in New York I can tell you that frozen par baked baguettes should be baked @ 410 for about 10 minutes. Also, if you want to freshen a baguette or any Ace breads up, use 410 again, for 5 minutes. Baguettes are best eaten the same day, but can be refreshed day old. All other Ace breads have a 3 day shelf life but will always be equally scrumptious if refreshed. And yes, a toaster oven would be fine.

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        1. re: jackie2830

          Ha ha!
          Maybe a bit late...
          ACE Baguette Baking 101
          Very informative!

        2. Where can you buy frozen Ace Baguettes?

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          1. re: ericdunn

            Loblaw's carries them, but the best deal is at Costco. The demi-baguettes are at least 50% larger than the demi-baguettes in the grocery store and the price is at least 50% less. A box of 12 goes for around $14 or $15 dollars at Costco. A bag of 3 is around $6 at Loblaw's.

            1. re: TorontoJo

              Actually, the best deal is at the Weston Bakery outlets. I can't remember the price but it's way below Costco's

            2. re: ericdunn

              Thanks froglegs! Boy you guys sure follow up on info!
              Here in the states, you can always go to the bakery manager @ Tops Markets [where Ace is sold] and ask for a frozen loaf of any variety they sell.
              In Canada, frozen par baked baguette/demis would be found in the freezer case and I believe are only sold @ Costco.......possibly Loblaw's as well. Go directly to the website for added info.
              Bon appetit mon ami!

              1. re: jackie2830

                I am pretty sure more grocery stores carry them then just Loblaws. Probably more and more will carry them now because I read the other day that Weston bought ACE.

              2. re: ericdunn

                Shoppers Drug Marts with large grocery sections also sometimes have them.

                1. re: Wahooty

                  Fiesta Farms too! Thanks Frogslegs.

                  Fiesta Farms
                  200 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

              3. Our closest Costco doesn't seem to carry the frozen baguettes anymore. Anyone else know where to get them in toronto besides Loblaws? Or does Weston have it locked up now?

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                1. re: traceym

                  The boxed frozen baguettes at Costco are now made by Premier Moisson

                  1. re: jayt90

                    I just bought the frozen Premier Moisson baguettes from Costco last week. They're so good!! I think it was around $13 for 12 baguettes. The texture is great, I just toast it up with some butter and minced hardneck garlic. So yummy.

                    1. re: sumashi

                      Sounds great - the Ace baguuettes I find need to be baked at 10 to 20 degrees higher than suggested, and for about 5 - 10 minutes longer, otherwise they turn out soggy to raw in the center.

                      1. re: KitchenVoodoo

                        KV, I would check your oven temp...........410 is the Bakery directions and I bake the bread all the time @ that temp/time. Ofcourse it would also depend on whether you are baking from a frozen state or just room temp/day old.
                        Good luck, Ace is STILL the best baguette!