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Apr 4, 2010 05:15 PM

Best Place In Montreal for a wedding and Reception for 200

Now that the Ritz is shuttered, what is the most elegant place in Montreal to have a wedding for 200? The Time Supperclub was mentioned, but to my eye it looks lke a Las Vegas lounge - or worse.

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  1. Trinity...It is close for renovation but will reopen soon....It's a amazing greek restaurant and also very very beautiful and classy place. Great place for summer.

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      My daughter got married at the Hotel Nelligan in old Montreal.....stunning roof top terrace, great food, VERY impressive even for a stuffy old mom like myself who got married at the Mount Stephen Club.

      1. I attended a wedding at the Hotel Intercontinental in the past, but it has been a while, I'll admit. Still, the setting was marvelous, very elegant and clasique, and the food was very very good for a hotel wedding. It was a very memorable wedding. Might be worth checking out.

        1. Another elegant venue is the Sofitel. The second floor ballroom is a nice space, and the food is good. Prices are high, but not any worse than the Ritz would have been.

          1. I don't know if it would be big enough, but maybe check into Newtown. Patrice Demers, the (best) pastry chef in Montreal did our wedding at Les Chèvres a while back. I sure they would be open to it. Plus they have a lovely terrasse for cocktails. Maybe an option...

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              Parking on or near Crescent Street would be a major pain for the guests.

            2. The old Windsor hotel on Peel Street has very classy ballrooms with a lot of history. My sister got married there last year with also +/- 200 guests. Piment Rouge is located in the building, so she chose them to do the catering together with their sister continental restaurant/cake shop Dlux on Decarie. The menu was continental (rack of lamb and grilled salmon main courses), but with some interesting Asian fusion elements (arugula salad with fresh (!) lychees and seared rare tuna). One of their banquet chefs was the head banquet chef at the Ritz Carlton in Beijing. They even did the flowers - Piment Rouge's owner went directly to the wholesale market with my sister to pick out the flowers she wanted and then had her florists do the arrangements. It was very nicely done with a lot of personal attention.

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                I second the Windsor on Peel. I recently had my wedding there and loved every bit of their elegant/french-styled ballrooms. We chose this venue not only because it is absolutely gorgeous (the gigantic chandeliers are breathtaking) but they allow for external caterers, which was a must as we wanted Chinese food. We went with La Maison Kam Fung, who are one of the regular caterers at the Windsor. However they do also have set meal packages (per head count) and I believe they use the Queen Elizabeth's ppl. Hope this helps!

                La Maison Kam Fung
                1936 Boul Thimens, Saint-Laurent, QC H4R2K2, CA