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Apr 4, 2010 05:11 PM

Disappointed with Distrito

Our Tapas selection was tasty but hostess & waiter both impersonal & robotic, bordering on condescending. Upstairs dining room has horrible accoustics and we had to practically shout to hear each other across the table on a Saturday night. We'll stick with the Stephen Starr experience; avoid Distrito unless you like a college bar scene.

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  1. Odd that you'd opt for a starr restaurant, which is all about shouting to hear each other. That's kind of his 'thing.'

    1. Sorry you had a bad experience. Distrito is one of my favorites. I've been there with small and large groups, and have never had a problem hearing. In fact, I've often remarked on how easy it is to hear, in spite of the size of the room and the hustle and bustle. (I'm in my 40's, so it isn't just that I"m a clueless college student). I have much more trouble hearing in the Starr places, and I don't think the food compares.

      1. My wife and I were too busy eating to do much talking and listening...

        1. I really like Distrito but I have had bad or amateurish service there as well, on more than one ocassion. The food is great (couple misses) but I think the management is probably the worst of the Garces places (relative to their high standards). I also don't care for the atmosphere, for that kind of money I'd prefer something a little more subdued and without the jukebox. But it doesn't bother me.

          1. stephen starr and jose garces aren't the only two gigs in town, and distrito isn't the best garces joint. i think since you come across as a starr fan/groupie that it would be only fair to give garces' other joints a whirl before you pick a camp. personally, i like them both for different reasons, but that's just my opinion....

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              I agree with Mazza3, give it another try, while i find i like garces more that Starr, they do both fit different bills--------I hear what you are saying about service, have had some great at Distrito and some just plain ridiculous.........went with large group of about 15 who wanted $90 tasting menu and one person did not like seafood or particularly meat and he tried to insist that they could not accomadate her....not more than 2 months later, went with group of 5-6 and 4 of us ordered cheaper tasting menu and other diner was allowed to order what she wanted------so, i can believe that some of them make their own rules.....would def give his other restaurants a try....esp Amada......and for non Starr/Garces, Zahav or Bibou

              1. re: bonappetite

                bonappetite, that really is riciculous. I have done the tasting menu many times at Amada (the $45 one) and they have always graciously included any dishes we requested and handled the shellfish allergies and preferences of single members of the group very easily. They would just bring out an extra dish or two so the rest of us could enjoy the clams and chorizo (yum). Management there does not seem to be concerned with providing a little extra to keep the experience excellent.

                I went to brunch for Distrito when they first opened, and the server tried to tell us to order 2-3 plates a person, even though the portions for brunch are entree sized. On the night of Easter Sunday I was there, and they had ONE bartender and no servers for the whole downstairs, doing waitress and bartender duties. Maybe they were not expecting a lot of people on Easter, but even with only a few tables, this left the bar completely unoccupied for long stretches which is pretty insane for a restaurant of this caliber.