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Apr 4, 2010 04:24 PM

good food in Moab?

I am planning a trip to Moab this spring. What is a good place for dinner? We don't need elegant or upscale- just good food and not too noisy.

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  1. The center cafe is pretty good. It was rated the best restaurant in SW utah, which doesn't mean much since there aren't that many restaurants in SW utah, but the food's really good.

    The Moab brewery is a scene, but it's not bad. Food is alright, beer is alright- nothing to write home about. There's not much in moab to begin with.

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      Thanks. That will help a lot. The Center Cafe looks pricey from the website, but if it is really good and we eat someplace cheap the other nights....

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        There are two relatively high end restaurants in Moab - the Desert Bistro and the Center Cafe. We dined at both and would say that while they were both very good, we preferred the food at the Center Cafe (although the Bistro has the nicer ambience). They're definitely worth checking out, but neither is inexpensive.

        We also had lunch at the Moab Brewery; the beer was very good, the food routine - not bad, not great.

    2. The brewery in Moab is sort of the go-to restaurant for visitors. I imagine it's what most people would recommend, unless they've spent a lot of time there and have visited the smaller restaurants. I've eaten there twice and enjoyed the food and atmosphere. It does get a bit noisy, though, as is typical for a brew pub. There are a lot of restaurants that line the tourist section of Main Street.

      1. We had a very nice dinner at Miguel's Baja Grill, a Baja-oriented Mexican restaurant that uses fresh ingredients to make tasty, innovative dishes. Margaritas are pretty good. You'll like the ambience, too. The two Asian restaurants in town (Singha and Szechuan Restaurant, the one Thai, the other Chinese) are not bad, as long as you don't expect West or East Coast standards. Don't bother with Pasta Jay's, an Italian restaurant that is supposed to be one of the best restaurants in town.

        In case you're interested in breakfast and lunch options, you'd be in the luck. We were quite pleased with Pantele's Desert Deli for lunch where the locals go. It's off the main drag, so diners cruising the main highway will likely not find it.

        Breakfast at Jailhouse Cafe is a must. It's only open for breakfast and is very popular. Coffee, sweet and savory items are excellent at Eklecticafe. It's a small place that also happens to use organic ingredients.

        Miguel's Baja Grill
        51 N Main St, Moab, UT 84532

        Pantele's Desert Deli
        98 E Center St, Moab, UT 84532

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          My husband and I live in town, and I am mostly vegetarian. Although Moab is generally not the place to find an amazing dinner, we have a couple of favorites. Paradox Pizza is delicious and reasonably priced with fresh, high quality ingredients and homemade baked goods for desert. Buck's Grille House has good mid-priced food and even a few good vegetarian dishes. Center Cafe was our favorite upscale restaurant, but it closed a few months ago. Singha Thai is average for Thai, but a gem compared to most of the Moab dining options. The spicy basil, drunken noodles, and simliar dishes are quite good. I don't recommend the curry... it's less spicy and flavorful than most. Most other dinner restaurants in town are average. The only truly terrible food we had was at Cassano's (Italian). The ingredients were the quality of bad school lunch food or fundraiser spaghetti dinner.

          There are number of good restaurants for breakfast and lunch. Love Muffin has fresh sandwiches and salads, and the chorizo breakfast burrito in probably the best in town. They also do some catering and created an amazing southwest-inspired meal for our wedding using mainly fresh local and organic food. Pantele's has Greek food, salads, and sandwichs, including an amazing Greek salad. Eklecticafe is similar to Love Muffin with a cute outdoor dining area. Jailhouse is good, but is usually crowded and a little pricey. The Peace Tree has good smoothies, fresh juices, and wraps. They are currently rebuilding the restaurant though, and I'm not sure when they plan to reopen. Red Rock Bakery has great scones!

          Love Muffin Cafe
          139 N Main St, Moab, UT 84532

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            Wow, Moab's really changed. I still remember when there were only 2 restaurants in the whole town, and one of them was Pizza Hut.

        2. Center Cafe has closed its doors.

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            We recently returned from a trip through Utah's National Parks (after extensive dining research on this site and others) , and we thought our meal at the Desert Bistro in Moab was the best of of the trip (and we had some awesome meals). Innovative combinations of ingredients that really worked well together, everything clearly homemade, in an historic building with beautiful grounds. LOVED our meal!
            We went back to Eklecticafe twice because we enjoyed the fresh delicious lunches (road trips can offer up some pretty unhealthy options!), and we also enjoyed a dinner at Miguel's Baja Grill.

            Miguel's Baja Grill
            51 N Main St, Moab, UT 84532

            Desert Bistro
            1266 N Highway 191, Moab, UT 84532

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              Thanks for that info dsaw80. I'm just coming on to research for our trip through Moab (From SLC, onto Bryce, Zion, Grand Canyon, Vegas).

              Will check your other responses (stalk) for more info on our other stops.

              1. re: BigBlue120

                Walked to Zax and had a darn good steak sandwich, wings and a beer. Just arrived and had the front desk suggest a place for a quick burger or sandwich.

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                  Thai last night was good at singha.

                  Breakfast at the hotel. Hiking and then out to the outdoor lunch buffet along the colorado. After getting to mm 14, we found out it was hot dogs and hamburgers, for $10+ and we decided to head back for a Baja lunch. No luck, they only do dinners. Back to Zax. Good burgers, decent salad bar, great wings.

              2. re: dsaw80

                Desert Bistro has moved into town and is now located on 100 West.