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beer kegs in montreal

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im throwing a birthday party for a friend of mine and im wondering if anyone knows whether the saq or the breweries sell kegs to the public.
i know the beer store in ontario sells them but im not willing to make the drive out to cornwall or ottawa

thanks in advance

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  1. I'm fairly sure that you need a liquor license to buy a keg in Quebec.

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      That's the way it was in the 70's when I went to Concordia. We just bought stacks of cases. Only Taverns (men-only) and Brasseries could server draft beer.

    2. The major breweries will only sell kegs to client with a liquor liscence, some smaller independent breweries might sell some directly to the customers.

      And cost wise, depending again on the beer, it's cheaper or same price to get a keg than the bottles equivalent

      1. Sorry but going to Ontario may be your only option.

        1. Bierbrier
          asks if you want to serve cold, draught beer at your event, to give them a call...

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            Yup, these guys are your best bet.

          2. They are hard to get, but this does not stop some people from getting them for special occasions. There are some pubs in the west island that will hook you up if you ask nicely. I would just do a tour and ask around.

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              If pubs hook you up, it's illegal, and they'd lose their license in a heartbeat if the govt found out - so you'd hafta be a damn good customer for them to do it for you. You sure as hell can't just 'ask around'.

              The best and probably only way to do it -esp since the OP seems to have no connections in the industry- is to call Bierbrier or another small local brewery, or better yet have a beer rep amongst your friends or neighbours.

              If you do resort to asking around at bars, though, owners & managers all know beer reps better than anyone. So ask for that contact, and if you're a good regular, they may give you the rep's number, and say you can say you talked to them for a better price. That's the only way any pub owner or manager I know would 'hook you up'. (again, I stress if you're a *nice regular* - not just asking for huge favours at any pub you don't even know one bartender by name)

            2. I assume you realize that there are logistics to go along with a keg.
              You'll need a tapping system which the people supplying the keg should have (most likely have to drop a hefty deposit). Either a hand-pump or a CO2 system (gotta buy the gas as well).
              A bit more difficult is keeping that puppy cold - if your party is on a Saturday night and you can only get the keg Friday afternoon, you either keep it cold the duration, or be quite agressive with cooling before the event.
              Depending on the size, you might want to keep it cold throughout the evening. I've seen different kinds of setups for this.
              With this in mind, you would probably want to put thought into the area where you want to dispense the draft, a 'keg station' of sorts.
              Along with all this, are there real beer drinkers at the party? I know, I know, that isn't the point - its the great novelty of the keg and the event and all. Just that the parties I've been to, the keg usually gets ignored - either its not cold enough, or the hand pump creates too much foam, or most people are content with their chardonnay, or a combination of.

              I don't want to dampen your enthusiasm - hell I wish I had a keg for all the parties I went to! Just be prepared is all.