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Apr 4, 2010 01:54 PM

Rescued from kitchen burn out

I was tired of cooking. Mr Shallots offered to make sandwiches (PB&J) (J always grape). That just made me tired of eating poorly.
A friend from New Orleans sent a care package with ten different Zatarains boxes.

Yes, I can make all of them, well, most of them and I make them very well. But, these gave me a break from cooking and the break has been spicey and delicious.

It had been ages since I didn't make lunch and dinner from scratch.

I now admit, blushing, that boxes gave me a break. (Good friend, that one who knows me well enough to know that spring outdoor chores tire me out every year).

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  1. a very good friend indeed! can mr. shallots be encouraged to make pb&j french toast to complement the n'awlins dishes? the garden is calling...