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Apr 4, 2010 01:37 PM

Great Pizza!!!! - Piatzo Restaurant

We went to go eat at Piatzo Restaurant at 1629 Yew Street in Kits. GREAT PIZZA!!! We have been looking for good pizza in Vancouver for a long time now and this is the best pizza we have tasted. We have eaten at Lombardo's and I think that this is better. Really fresh ingredients. The pizza was thin crusted, you could really taste the sauce and the cheese was great. I had a margharita pizza and my husband had the 4 cheese pizza. Both were great.

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  1. Great tip marett...I think alot of us have been in the same search LOL:).

    1. Thanks marett. You wouldn't happen to remember if they were using a brick oven? We pizza-geeks would like to know ;-). Their website looks oddly hacked-together. (I love what they call the Ham and Pineapple - "Struggersi la mela" - which is roughly translated to "craving and apple"? )

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      1. re: fmed

        I do remember. They were not using a brick oven. My favorite pizza's have always been from a brick oven so I have to admit I really did not hold out much hope but I really was impressed. I think that what I find about most pizza I have had in Vancouver is that the crust and sauce are flavourless tasting a bit like cardboard. I did like Lombardo's pizza but I guess not enough to make the drive over from Kits most of the time when I feel like going to eat.
        I am not surprised that their website does not look very good. I think the owner is a good pizza cook but not so good with his marketing. The staff were all super nice and I felt that they were trying hard. I also think perhaps that English is not the owners first language.

        1. re: marett

          Good pizza can certainly be made in a deck oven. I'll have to give it a try one day.

      2. - better than lombardo's ? i will be giving this place a try.
        - never could cotton to ham with pineapple on a pizza. or california rolls. or lox with cream cheese. but hey- takes all kinds to make the world go square. bitter melon on a pizza ? sounds fine by me. but i have yet to find it.

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          I'll proceed cautiously on this one. I've passed by a couple of times and I'm pretty sure it's the old one deck classic pizza oven.