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Apr 4, 2010 12:17 PM

Seafood or Fish Restaurants in the 5 or 6er.

I don't eat much meat and prefer fish/seafood or chicken. I know this is Paris and they have an emphasis on meat. Moderately priced would be ideal, but I don't mind spending more for fish.

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  1. Uitr, Cagouille, Le 21, Le Duc (the last two $$$$)

    1. Altho we didn't get a chance to try it when we were in Paris last month, Fish was high on our list:

      69, rue de Seine
      Paris 6
      Tel: 01 43 54 34 69
      Fax 01 46 33 15 29
      Closed Monday. About 30 to 40 euros

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      1. re: jbw

        It's a great place, but as PhilD usually reminds (and let him have a break this time), Fish is not a fish restaurant, and the name comes from "drinking like a fish". Indeed, while food is very good and very affordable, wines are what sets the place apart.

        1. re: souphie

          I think a lot of folks see "Fish," and don't read on to "La Boissonerie." Or else they don't realize "boissonerie" means "drinking place."

          1. re: ChefJune

            Ate at Le Duc last May. Fantastique! Save up and enjoy it!

          2. re: souphie

            Oops, sorry about that. I never got a chance to stop by and look at the menu; in fact, one of the reasons we decided not to go there was -- in recognition of the higher prices for seafood in Paris -- we were afraid it might be a budget-buster late in our trip. One wonders about the titling preferences of some restauranteurs (Cf: Poisson, A Gastropub, for a place that specializes in hamburgers), although in Chicago we do have a new restaurant called The Money Shot which has caused some significant misunderstandings (they do, however, have cheesecake on the menu)

            1. re: jbw

              Quite the contrary. On sundays, Fish has has A 12€ lunch menu, if memory serves me well.

        2. 21 is tops in the 6th. Reservations a must.

          As far as Fish La Boissonerie, I respectfully disagree, there's lots of fish and seafood on the menu, and my understanding is that "Boissonerie" is a double-entendre with the word "Poissonerie". Haven't been, but I'm told that it's not very good, mainly for tourist-types, run by Australian ex-pats.

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          1. re: menton1

            Menton1, it is true it has fish on the menu but that does not make it a specialist fish restaurant. Like 90% of Paris restaurants it has a reasonable selection of fish on it menu but it also has meat and true vegetarian options.

            I suspect one of the problems is that many people asking for a "fish restaurant" don't really mean a specialist with a strong reputation for delivering the best seafood (i.e. Le Duc, Le 21, or Cagouille) instead they simply want a few fish dishes on a regular menu. In that case" Fish" works well.

            Your comment about its quality is a little unfair as you have not been. It certainly attracts tourists for the first sitting but it is equally popular with younger locals as it delivers good value well cooked, slightly innovative food i.e. not the usual traditional Parisian fare. I would never recommend it as a traditional restaurant but it is a great example of one that represents today's Paris. We often eat there when we are looking for a relaxed informal meal.

            However, first and foremost I would say it is a wine bar, with a sister wine shop (Le Dernier Gout close by), both specialise in small independent wineries and so the wine list can be quite interesting. It is owned by Drew (NZ) and Juan (Cuban/American) and the bar staff tend to be quite an international mix (including locals) which works well if you want advice on wine choices and want to be steered away from the usual suspects.

            Fish la Boissonerie is a pun on Poissonerie because the restaurant is in an old fish shop (I believe) and as it is a wine bar it alludes to "drink like a fish".

            1. re: PhilD

              I did say it was third party info, Phil. However, i have heard from several people who have been there that its appeal is directed at tourists.

              Except for Huitrerie Regis, which hopefully will be open when I'm in Paris next, I save my poisson-fixes for my stays on the Mediterranean...

              1. re: menton1

                Dined here last night. Very friendly vibe, EXCELLENT wines (wonderful C-du-Pape) and a good scotch selection.

                Inventive though fairly simple food, all of it that we sampled was tasty (pasta with palourdes, rascasse with chorizo).

                FWIW: 4 of the 6 plats were seafood.

                Clientele seemed half Americans and Brits, half French.