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Apr 4, 2010 11:58 AM

mussels and _________ pasta? (trying out my new pasta machine... flavor combo quesiton)

Happy Easter Chowhounds!

I just got a new pasta machine (w00t) and bought some fresh mussels from the farmers market to make a olive oil based pasta pescatore (probably linguini or spaghetti, we'll see, my first time).

Anyway, before I ruin my first pasta, I was curious about some flavor combos. For example, I was thinking of making the pasta in a "cacio e pepe" (cheese and pepper) style with the mussels (and of course, the natural sauce they'd make), but I've always heard that fish and cheese are a no-go... does that apply with mussels too if I wanted to add pecorino or parmegiano?

And I'll probably throw in some roasted asparagus on top... any major flavor combo faux-paus?


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  1. Happy Easter to you, nasv. I'm a member of the "fish and cheese no-no club", but I do violate that rule when I use cheddar cheese with some white fish. Mussels? That's a different story and I think you'd need to be very careful about the cheese you selected. I might try Pecorino, but not Parmigiano and top the cacio e pepe pasta with the buttery sauteed mussels. Let us know what you decide to use and how it turns out.

    1. Dunno about faux-pas flavor combos, but my favorite sauce for mussels and pasta is a simple sauce from olive oil, garlic, red pepper flakes and diced tomatoes (created by mixing in the broth created from cooking the mussels).

      Simple, yet so so satisfying.