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Apr 4, 2010 10:59 AM

May Hua

Does anyone know what is going on with this Asian market in Plano? I live down the street and for the last few months their shelves are getting emptier and they are not restocking. I have asked a couple of times if they in going to remodel or if they are going out of business.

I seem to always run into someone with limited or no English so I can't get a straight answer. Just curious to know if anyone knows what's going on with them.

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  1. In case anyone was curious. The place is closed, emptied out, notice from landlord posted, locks changed. They had a sign saying they were closed for remodeling but that plan clearly failed. I think Asia World up on 75/Legacy and the now defunct Assi -> Suger G Mart helped kill it off. May Hua seemed to have good traffic when they kept their produce relatively fresh but that changed a few months ago then business cratered. The local Asian businesses in the May Hua center are still mostly open although who knows for how long.

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      Thanks so much for the information. I might have figured it out if I went up there but it didn't look good the last few times I went. I had noticed a steady decline in the "freshness" of food in general over the last year. Too bad, it was just down the street from me. Guess I'll have to venture down 75. Thanks again for the info.

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        There's a sign saying an Indo-Pak will be opening where the old Assi/SuperGMart was located (Custer/SpringCreek). Might help the Mozart bakery survive. Asia World is pretty good but I tend to go down to Super H Mart a couple times a month.

        There were rumors of a 99Ranch store opening at Spring Creek/75. It's listed on their website but no dates and it's been over a year now. That strip mall is almost dead although I did have a nice, cheap Japanese meal at Tampopo which is apparently new.

        1. re: amokscience

          I talked to the folks over at Roma a few weeks ago. They indicated that 99Ranch is working on the store. The shopping center has already undergone a major face lift.

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            It's supposed to open this summer, that's what the press release said when they started work on it last year. They had to do a lot of work, the old Albertson's was relatively run down and it was closed for quite a while. The Indo-Pak place might be a while yet but I wouldn't worry too much about Mozart they seem to do fine even though the place is never really busy, at least they somehow keep 3-4 people working all the time.

            Tampopo opened earlier this year, it's a branch of the restaurant on Greenville.
            FWIW a new Whole Foods is opening up this fall just up 75 at the Village @ Fairview. Lots of competition.