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Apr 4, 2010 07:34 AM



What is with the new "editor's choice" category? I was looking for a quinoa recipe yesterday and it popped up; then continued to appear when I searched for other recipes. Has anyone paid for this? Is it just a collection of recipes that used to be available on the general website? Should I spend the money? I feel a little bit nickel-and-dimed.

  1. There is already a thread on this on the Food Media & News board.

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    1. First and foremost... it costs $14.95. It is a collection of recipes directly out of their books. Some of these recipes were available and some were not. The recipes out of a cookbook is identified as out of such and such cookbook. The recipes often have notes at the end showing techniques.

      Well, I probably shouldn't have but I bought it. I am copying the recipes I like into word format and saving them on my hard drive because I am not sure I will renew in a year.

      I will say this. The overall website teaches you a lot of technique. Now this site eliminates the need for the cookbooks so it may be worth the cost to avoid buying the cookbooks.

      I know I only go through a cookbook a few times and transcribe recipes I like onto my hard drive. It is worth it to me.

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        There is already a thread on this on the Food Media & News board.

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          Since the topic is being discussed in thread linked above, we'll lock this one.