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Apr 4, 2010 07:30 AM

100% Grass-fed beef in Pittsburgh


Does anyone know where I can find 100% grass-fed beef in the Pittsburgh area--the closer to the South Hills the better? Whole Foods and Giant Eagles "grass fed" beef is finished with grains. There are only two of us, so ordering a 1/4 of a cow is not feasible. I'd just like to be able to walk into a store and pick up a couple of steaks.


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  1. Laptop Butchershop - suggest you get on their newsletter:

    Also, when farmers market season starts, you'll find a few regional meat vendors as regulars at various South Hills locations The one on Saturdays on Washington Rd. in Mt. Lebo usually has a grass-fed beef vendor right across from our store (Aldo Coffee). We can vouch for the quality.

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      Thanks, Panini Guy! I've checked out Laptop Butchershop and it hasn't been updated since last year. Maybe they are waiting until farmer's market season. I will definitely check out the Mt. Lebo site. It will be nice to have someplace close.

      317 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

      1. re: dmjordan

        Email Susan Barclay, as listed on the website that Panini Guy posted above, and tell her you want to be on the Laptop Butchershop mailing list. The site hasn't been updated, but the program is very active and everything is done via email. At the last event (a few weeks ago) there was some great grass-fed beef from a couple in Ohio, and it was available a la carte for purchase.

        317 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

        1. re: addiegirl

          Will do, addiegirl. Thanks for the info!

    2. Also try Penn's Corner Farm Alliance. They have a monthly farmstand in which you can order grassfed beef and pick it up. The beef comes from local farms.

      In the summer, every other week at the Farmer's at the Firehouse in the strip district, they sell grassfed beef.

      Also try

      Good luck!

      1. Hey Dana,
        Both Whole Foods and East End Coop (i just got some yesterday) will have grass finished. As you pointed out, in the Butcher section of whole foods you might not find it. But in the freezer sections of both stores you'll find a few local farms. Jubilee is one that is grass fed and finished. There are a few others as well. Good luck!

        1. I buy from north woods ranch in cranberry they are a grass fed beef and Berkshire hog farm