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Apr 4, 2010 06:08 AM

Current Vegas buffet to rave about?

It's been 3 years since I've been to Vegas. My first time to bring hubby to the city that never sleeps so I want the experience to be very good.

Where do you suggest we head off for excellent buffet?


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  1. I would rethink that whole Las Vegas never sleeps myth. Pretty much every buffet closes by 9:00PM.

    The only thing open 24/7 in Las Vegas are bars and slot machines.

    1. My top picks would be the buffets at the Wynn or Bellagio.

      1. The "locals" top buffet seems to be the Studio B buffet at the M Resort in Henderson.

        1. Was just at Studio B's Easter buffet last night. One of the employees said that they were just voted Best Buffet in Las Vegas.
          It was packed. Went to line up at 6pm, got seated after 7pm..
          I'd say the food quality and variety were outstanding. There were a lot of seafood choices. AYCD Beer (draft on tap) & wine(chardonnay, white zinfandel and another that I don't remember) are included in the adult price of about $30. What stood out for me were the Paella, braised Angus short ribs and seafood bouillabaisse.
          Would I go back? Yes, but not with a kids. Kids are $23 and all they eat are mac & cheese, pizza & ice cream.

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            Doesn't surprise me that Studio B get's the "Best Buffet in LV" award. They probably get a lot of votes because many locals who go there get two for one or free buffet offers all the time, that's one reason it's alway crowded. We went Christmas eve just before the price hike when it was $26 and we waited two hours to eat. My aunt said she and many locals had two for one specials that were to expire that night.

            I admit they do a great job and it is right up there, but falls short in my book against the Wynn and Bellagio on two items. Studio B serves snow crab legs (opilio) and the Wynn and Bellagio serve Alaskan king crab legs. The boiled shrimp at Studio B are about half the size of the shrimp they serve at the Wynn and Bellagio. I think the dessert offerings at the Wynn and Bellagio are more creative and tasty.

            Outside those points I'm a fan of Studio B and put it right behind the Wynn and Bellagio buffets. You can't beat the free beer and wine and their draft root beer is fantastic and the all you can drink espresso and cappucino bar puts a nice finish on things too.

          2. An excllent buffet is at the Green Valley Ranch, with lovely atmosphere as well. If your husband likes crab legs, this is the place...all you can eat, and so excellent when you have the chef heat them and stir them with seasonings...enjoy!