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Apr 4, 2010 06:02 AM

Barre Dogs, Main St. - Barre, VT

I went back to Barre Dogs last week and had a hot dog and some mac and cheese. Her prices are still wonderful, and the food is still good and cheap and filling. :)

She makes her own mac and cheese from her mother's recipe. I like to add some chopped onion to it, but even without it's a warm and filling mac and cheese. She does use local cheddar in it. There are, apparently, regulars who come by every week just for a mac and cheese fix. Most of them agree that it tastes like what their moms used to make.

She does use Hebrew National hot dogs, and she's experimenting with weekly specials and a few other dishes. She had a cheese steak sandwich on the board when I was there Friday, priced at $7 and that included a bag of chips.

She makes her own chili, and all her own sides, too. Really, this is a good place to stop for an inexpensive but good lunch in the Barre area.

I selfishly don't want her to close, so stop on by, wouldya? ;)

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  1. I'm glad to hear they made it through the winter!

    Thanks for the update.
    Don't get to Barre much but will stop again when I pass through.