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Apr 4, 2010 04:51 AM

Cracked Le Creuset...Fix, ignore?

Miraculously, I acquired FIVE le creuset pans with lids through freecycle. These are stove top pans with lids and wooden handles. The largest one has a crack. How do I go about getting it mended? I made pasta in it last night without any leakage, or do I ignore it?

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  1. I think I'd take advantage of LC's incredible customer service and lifetime warranty and see if they can do something for you. People here have reported some really good outcomes that way. Congratulations on the acquisition!

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    1. re: knet

      I thought the warranty of the LC covers only the original owner, but I am interested in the outcome, though.

    2. I haven't personally had to utilize the lifetime warranty but there have been many reports on line of people who acquired their LC through family, etc, and were able to receive service. It's worth checking out in my opinion, as if LC doesn't want to offer repair or replacement through the warranty you are no worse off, but if they do honour the warranty you are far better off. Just my thought.

      1. If they don't honor it they usually offer you a new one for 75% off of the full list price which is high. LC used to be more generous but they have tightened up their policies. Too many people buying beat up LC at estate sales for hardly anything, and then sending them back for new ones.

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          Thanks blondelle. Good to know that before paying a shipping for a heavy pot! Makes sense for LC so that they will still be in business when we really need to rely on the warranty even though I hope the day won't come. Who knows?

        2. Hi, relizabeth,

          I hope someone will help you for your original question, "Fix or ignore". I have no experience on it but following link might be informative. Good luck!

          1. I personally wouldn't ignore it ... I wouldn't want the whole thing to break at an inopportune moment.