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Apr 3, 2010 09:16 PM

happy hour for everyone

My 7-yr-old son and I will be meeting my boyfriend in DC next weekend (the day of Cherry Blossom parade). We are looking for a place to unwind and eat in the late afternoon/evening. Browsing through the many links here and guides and webpages devoted to DC, I see tons of places that might work, but if I checked them all out to see if they meet all our requirements the week would be over before we get there! Can you help?

We're not sure yet how we're spending the day. BF had a long fascination with Japan, but little one gets anxious around crowds and noisy places, so I'm not sure about the street festival. We're also thinking of Glen Echo or the C&O Canal in Georgetown or the Smithsonian's Family Jazz Day in Fort Dupont park. We are staying at the Radisson near National Airport, not out of any love for corporate surroundings but because they have suites. We will have a car.

We'd like to eat someplace that has
a varied menu including vegetarian food and straight-forward food (see below)
casual outdoor dining (preferably a pedestrian zone, courtyard or other off-street location not adjacent to a parking lot)
live music (but not too loud for conversation)
drinks for grown-ups.
moderate prices

Alternately, we might want to go to the concert before the fireworks in the evening--boyfriend loves sunsets--but would need to know where to pick up a picnic nearby or what vendors tend to sell at this event. Of course, if the fireworks are visible from patios in Old Town Alexandria, Georgetown, or elsewhere, that's worth knowing too.

My son knows how to behave in a restaurant, but I'd prefer not to hang out with him in a smoky meat-market scene. He likes Thai and Ethiopian food and Indian sag paneer and dal in addition to the typical pizza, mac n cheese, hot dogs on kiddie menus. BF is a light eater, does not get into lentils, prefers steak, chicken, and pasta. I prefer to support fair trade-type places, if possible, but for this occasion would settle for tasty food and happy companions.

Thanks for your help

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  1. I can only help you if you do the picnic at Fort Dupont. Here is my review of a nearby Jamaican place, mostly carry-out. Even if you don't get the food here, it is worth stopping by for the outstanding juices. I imagine a vegetarian could do well with the side vegetables - or if you stretch to fish. I don't know the hours, so call first.

    Pimento Grill Restaurant
    4405 Bowen Rd SE, Washington, DC 20019

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    1. re: Steve

      I love Caribbean food!!
      Does this place also have live music (I love dancehall too--and it'd be fun to see what bf thinks after hearing it for a while)?

      1. re: saacnmama

        It's mostly a carry-out. A tiny, tiny place with a few seats at a counter and one table with about three chairs. Capacity is about 7 people. Don't expect any charm. Order at a counter. I've eaten there, but everyone else was just walking up and getting carry out. It is right across from Fort Dupont Park.

    2. The most important thing is good food. Not too much of it, just good.

      PS7's menu looks good, but the pictures make it look too sleek for a child. Is that how it feels in real life?
      Zaytina sounds great, but mezza ora can only be ordered at the bar, which defeats the purpose of finding a place with a great patio.

      PS7 Restaurant
      777 I Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001